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CEL MeshConnect ZICM357P2-1 EM357 Transceiver Module and Kit

Update Time: 2019-12-19 22:03:35

CEL MeshConnect ZICM357P2-1 EM357 Transceiver Module and Kit

CEL MeshConnect? ZICM357P2-1 EM357 transceiver modules combine a high performance RF solution with the premier ZigBee stack on the market. The MeshConnect EM357 module also integrates 1MB on board Flash memory for over-the-air program updates without the need for additional in-system memory, making this CEL device ideal for smart energy applications. The integrated power amplifier maximizes range and performance. CEL MeshConnect EM57 transceiver modules are based on the Ember EM357 ZigBee compliant system-on-chip IC. The module is a single-chip wireless solution for ZigBee applications and includes an RF transceiver with baseband modem, a hardwired MAC, and an embedded 32-bit ARM? Cortex?-M3 microcontroller with internal RAM (12kB) and Flash (192kB) memory. The CEL ZICM357P2-1 EM357 adds a power amplifier to increase range up to 2.5 miles, provide more reliable transmission, and reduce the number of nodes in your network. The MeshConnect EM357 Module Development Kit is a stand-alone radio system that allows users to place the modules into the target environment and evaluate performance on-site. The EM357 Module Development Kit also serves as an invaluable aid in application development. Through the many interface headers on the board, the user has access to all of the MeshConnect module pins, enabling easy connection to target systems for application development.

CEL offers a broad selection of components and modules along with an IoT platform focused on lighting control systems.


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