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BPS ProtoBox Kits

Published time: 2019-12-20 16:03:04

BPS ProtoBox Kits

BusBoard Prototype Systems' assorted ProtoBox Kit Series save time in that the PCB is designed for the box, with no cutting required. In addition, the convenient 2-hole ProtoBoard pattern makes connecting parts easy while maximizing usable board area. 

The PCB is made from lead-free etched copper with a flux coating which allows easy soldering and preservation of solderability. Each kit contains Prototyping Board with compatible hand-held case or enclosure. 

The following ProtoBox Series are available, each with its own unique design, size, and configuration: 1593, 1553, and 1590.

BusBoard Prototype Systems was founded in 1996 to provide prototyping products that simplify the construction on electronic prototypes.

BusBoard Prototype Systems
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