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Board to Board (BTB) Jumper_10-9296 for Maximum Tolerance Absorption

Published time: 2019-12-20 12:38:55

Board to Board (BTB) Jumper_10-9296 for Maximum Tolerance Absorption

KEYWORDS:  AVX |10-9296 Series BTB pin jumpers

1.A brief introduction about AVX

In the high-tech industry, innovation and continuous research and development of new products are important to the survival of the company. This will affect the development of the entire company. In a highly competitive environment, AVX Corporation is at the forefront of the industry. AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced electronic components and interconnect, sensor, control, and antenna solutions. You can find related products of this company on JOTRIN website. If you want to buy, get a price-reduced electronic components, you can visit the AVX company's official website. For you, this may be a difficult thing. So you can ask for help by JOTRIN We can complete the purchase task and help you better find the product you want. AVX Corporationhas successfully released new products 10-9296. Series BTB pin jumpers. 

Although designed for use in conjunction with AVX’s new 2.5mm no-wire-stop 70-9296 Series STRIPT™ poke-home contact, the 10-9296 Series BTB pin jumpers can stand out from many competitors and perform well. the new 10-9296 Series BTB pin jumpers are drop-in compatible with competitors’ jumpers & offer a shortened insulator, a unique insulator geometry that achieves watertight connection The strong features of this product have given me great recognition. I believe this product will be very popular and will bring us many benefits and  and promote technology. moving forward.

2.Related media reports

FOUNTAIN INN, S.C., April 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AVX Corporation Releases New BTB Pin Jumpers for Maximum Tolerance Absorption in SSL & Industrial Applications.

AVX has released a new series of pin jumpers designed for board-to-board (BTB) and module-to-module connections in solid-state lighting (SSL) and other low-pin-count industrial applications. When used in conjunction with the new 2.5mm 70-9296 Series STRIPT™ horizontal, poke-home contact without a wire stop — which is both the first industrial poke-home connector available without an integral wire stop and, currently, the only industrial poke-home connector with a 2.5mm profile — the new 10-9296 Series BTB pin jumpers are allowed to pass straight through the contacts, completely unrestricted, until the final, user-defined mating dimension is achieved. Unlike traditional BTB pin jumpers — which are made to mate with traditional connectors and are thus closed on the back end, limiting the depth to which a pin can travel and restricting the amount of BTB or module-to-module mating tolerance that the jumper can absorb — the new 10-9296 Series BTB pin jumper/709296001025016 contact combination absorbs the maximum amount of component and assembly tolerances during the mating process, effectively eliminating the PCB and housing tolerance stack-up issues common to traditional connector systems in linear and coplanar applications.

3.About 10-9296 Series BTB pin jumpers 

The new 10-9296 Series BTB pin jumper uses a glass-filled nylon PA-66 insulator and lead-free tin-plated brass brass contacts that meet the UL94 V-0 standard. UL certification is in progress and is expected to be completed by April 2018. AVX is also currently purchasing a two-digit version of the BTB pin jumper.
Official introduction:

“Our new 10-9296 Series BTB pin jumpers are very user- and application-friendly, enabling variable final mating positions for maximum tolerance absorption in SSL and other low-pin-count industrial applications when combined with our new no-wire-stop 2.5mm 70-9296 Series STRIPT™ poke-home contacts,” said Tom Anderson, product manager at AVX. “They are also currently the only BTB jumper on the market to offer a 38.15mm length.”


Developed in conjunction with the 2.5mm STRIPT™ contact from AVX, this new system provides additional mating tolerance absorption over traditional connector systems in linear or coplanar applications. By designing the 709296001025016 contact without a wire stop, the pin header is allowed to pass straight thru the contacts until the final seating/mating dimension is achieved. Allowing for internal pin clearance, boards and modules can be plugged together without worrying about potentially critical tolerance stack-up issues.
Absorption of PCB and module mating tolerances by allowing the unrestricted pin to pass through the contact by eliminating the traditional wire stop
Two different pin lengths to accommodate board-to-board and module-to-module connections

The unique geometry of the insulator lends itself to water tightness when matched with a corresponding housing cavity

Typical Applications

Designed to mate with 709296001025016 horizontal PCB contact
Single pin connection between linear PCB’s

38mm pin allows for modules to be connected where the PCB is recessed within the plastic housing.


Throughout the article, we met AVX's new 10-9296 Series BTB pin jumpers. We were able to learn about his many advantages and powerful features. There are many companies in the world like AVx. They focus on technology and focus on products. Their vision is to bring better changes to the world and serve the people.As an electronic enthusiast, being able to see such a product really surprises me. I am honored to see such a good world, to see such a good company, such a good product.

This article only expresses personal opinions and does not represent any company position



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