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AVX naming conventions

Update Time: 2020-04-02 15:35:22

1.Model representation method

TAJ C 100 K 010 R

① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥

① indicates series, AVX has two series of TAJ and TPS, TAJ indicates ordinary tantalum capacitor, TPS indicates low-impedance tantalum capacitor, DC resistance is less than 1 ohm, generally between 100 milliohm to 500 milliohm, special can be low To 40 milliohms.

② indicates the size of tantalum capacitors, there are six sizes of A, B, C, D, E, Y, V

③ indicates the capacity of the capacitor, ranging from 0.1UF to 1000UF

④ indicates the capacity error. There are two types of capacity errors for tantalum capacitors: one is ± 10% (K) and ± 20% (M).

⑤ indicates the withstand voltage of the capacitor, which refers to the rated DC voltage at 85 ° C. The withstand voltage of the tantalum capacitor ranges from 4V to -50V.

⑥ indicates the packing method, there are two kinds of packing methods, 7-inch plate and 13-inch plate


3.Relationship between capacity and voltage and size range

TAJ ordinary series

Note: The color marked in red is the preferred size corresponding to the capacity and voltage

TPS low resistance series (general low resistance tantalum capacitor is 100UF ---- 470UF)

Remarks: In the specification of the ultra-low resistance value of AVX, the specific resistance value is also indicated, for example:

TPSD107K010R0100, where 0100 is the size of the DC resistance ---- 100 milliohms.


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