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Avago has introduced a new brightness sensor, the apds-9004, to extend the life of LCD screens

Update Time: 2019-12-20 10:22:37

Avago has announced a new analog output ambient brightness sensor that will help portable displays reduce power consumption and extend the life of LCD screens.These economical sensors control the backlight of portable LCD displays according to the manufacturer's preset mode.Avago's apds-9004 provides ideal power-saving solutions for laptops, portable DVD players, camcams, digital cameras, and mobile phones.It can also be used to turn on or off indoor and outdoor lights, street lights, electronic signs and signal lights.

The apds-9004 sensor detects ambient brightness levels and adjusts the backlight of the display screen or keyboard by providing a highly linear, proportional output.If the surrounding light is sufficient, the designer can use the logic switch to turn off the backlight to reduce the number of times the battery is charged or replaced.


Avago's economical reverse-mounted brightness sensor provides more flexibility for designers of price - and size-sensitive mobile products.The pocket apds-9004 sensor not only achieves excellent performance, but also significantly reduces power consumption, which is an increasingly important problem faced by battery powered products.

Avago's ambient luminance sensors perform better than solutions using silicon photodiode luminance detection technology because their spectral response peaks at the same wavelength as the human eye.These sensors also work well with different light sources, such as natural sunlight, fluorescence, conventional incandescent and halogen lamps.They also respond far more quickly to changes in lighting than phototransistors.Avago's packaging technology was developed specifically for the surface encapsulation of LED, with the advantages of low cost, high reliability, and in line with industry standards to meet the needs of ultra-small shape automation manufacturing process.

The main features

The apds-9004 sensor is a reverse-mounted 4-pin package that is also EIA standard size: 3.2mm x 1.6mm x 1.1mm.When installed, its sensitive area faces the PC circuit board, and the light is transmitted through the aperture provided by the user.In this way, the circuit board can be tightly installed in the product rack, to save space.APDS - 9004 the working voltage of 2.4 V to 5.5 V, working temperature range for - 40 ℃ to + 85 ℃.

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