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Automobile intelligence, where is the opportunity of chip manufacturer?

Published time: 2019-12-20 15:50:04

A lot of factory real agent has been opened to the various stages of the automatic driving program, such as tesla, audi, BMW, Google, changan, faw, geely, wei to automobile, baidu, etc., is an important way to realize automatic driving intelligent and snatched, intelligent cars will gradually into the life of people, like once phone now intelligent gradually.So what opportunities and challenges will intelligent vehicles bring to chip manufacturers?

The opportunity that car intelligence brings and challenge

In the era of intelligent cars, the increasing number of electronic components creates an excellent opportunity for chip manufacturers.MIcrochip company car products division of American marketing manager David Schellenberger when  interview said, "if there is no additional embedded control system, sensor, inside connection and network security, will be unable to realize the intelligent, and all are important driving forces for the vehicles in the semiconductor components increased."

Of course, intelligent vehicles also bring many challenges to the industry, such as the need to ensure that all work is done reliably and safely.Moreover, at the stage when automobile intelligence is not mature enough, when we talk about building more intelligent cars and gradually reducing drivers' control over cars, consumers will often feel very frightened.

In addition, autonomous driving is an emerging market, which includes many new participants from the non-traditional automobile industry. The continuous development of technologies and the lack of consensus industry requirements make the industry chain face some new challenges.As a result, semiconductor suppliers need to work closely with automotive oems and primary designers to meet changing technology and market needs.

When autonomous driving involves vehicle sensor, positioning module, V2X communication module, CGW and other technologies, MCU system will also face some technical challenges.Autonomous vehicles need to acquire a large amount of external environment data at any time to ensure safe and reliable operation.The automobile MCU needs to be able to process and transmit this data at extremely high speeds for real-time decision making, while ensuring that this communication is reliable and secure.To this end, Microchip also began to focus the design of automobile MCU on the field of advanced communication protocol and network security module.

What does Microchip do to prepare for automobile intellectualization?

With its extensive expertise and experience, Microchip has the ability to quickly adapt to the changing landscape of the automotive industry.Currently, the two most important trends are functional security and network security. David Schellenberger says Microchip is working to understand the needs of the industry and develop solutions for both areas.

As a global car industry top ten semiconductor supplier, Microchip is rich in auto level semiconductor solutions portfolio, a large part of income from the auto industry, about 17%, the core competencies of the Microchip is able to provide the overall system solution, these solutions and products including, DSC, fpga, MCU simulation products, connectivity and networking solutions, storage solutions, man-machine interface and security products.

Regarding the development trend of the automobile industry, David Schellenberger believes that there are four major trends in today's automobile industry: self-driving, electrification, connectivity and safety.Consumer preferences and government regulations are key drivers behind these trends.Consumers are excited about the many conveniences and improvements offered by autonomous driving, from Shared rides to enhanced delivery options to safer road traffic.

Electric vehicles improve the environment and can help automakers comply with government-mandated fuel-efficiency regulations.These trends can't be realized without the support of advanced connectivity solutions, and the willingness of consumers to provide better connectivity to their vehicles is also critical.All of this requires stronger security features to make the vehicle more secure and easily vulnerable to malicious attacks.

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