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ATC's Design Support Software - New Enhanced 2015 Version

Update Time: 2019-12-20 00:00:00

ATC's Design Support Software - New Enhanced 2015 Version

ATC is pleased to announce the availability of specialized electromagnetic measurements, known by designers as scattering parameters (S-Parameters) for the entire family of 400 Series Precision Tolerance NPO RF Microwave SMT Capacitors. S-Parameters are an essential tool to assist circuit designers in component selection for prototype designs. They are available at no charge on the Design Support page of ATC’s website. The 400 Series family of Precision Tolerance Capacitors includes three popular EIA Case Sizes: Z (0201), L (0402), and S (0603), to facilitate many RF and Microwave designs. See the following link for ATC’s Design Support page:

Tech Select® is a design support tool that provides access to all electrical and mechanical parameters for ATC products. Included are Smith charts, S- Parameters, RF current and voltage, ESR, Q, impedances and more. RF parameters can be achieved at frequencies entered by the user. By selecting and sorting on the most critical parameters this program generates a complete list of product options with part numbers. View and print datasheets for the selected products. Download size is 13.3 MB.

Modelithics Global Models™ Substrate Scalable Models

These measurement-based models, available for selected ATC components, are both substrate and part-value scalable, and represent high-order resonant effects and accurate effective series resistance. Each model includes complete documentation detailing the test fixtures used, measurement conditions, range of validity, and model-to-measurement data comparisons.

If you have any questions regarding ATC’s S-Parameters, please contact Sales or RF Applications Engineering.


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