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Assembly for sensor-to-industrial Enet apps

Update Time: 2019-12-19 00:00:37

Assembly for sensor-to-industrial Enet apps

The Y-ConRJ45 series cable assembly is a RJ45 cable assembly equipped with M8/M12 circular connectors and is designed to allow a simple cabling from industrial Ethernet to sensors, actuators, and encoders. The RJ45 interface has up to eight signal contacts, can include two additional power contacts (2.1 A at 70°C), and can be equipped with IP20 to IP69K-rated covers.

The assembly’s molded M8/M12 interfaces have 360° EMI shielding, and are offered in a variety of cable- and panel-mount connectors, including male and female, 90° or 180°, coded or uncoded versions (A, B, or D code). Jacks and plugs are offered in 3-, 4-, 5-, or 8-pin versions, metal screws have an audible closure ratchet, and vibration-resistant locking. (Contact company for pricing and availability.)

Yamaichi Electronics USA, Inc. (YEU) is a wholly owned subsidiary division of Yamaichi Electronics Company, LTD. (YEC). This sub-division, referred to as “YEU”, serves as a Corporate Sales Office representing Yamaichi products in North America. Yamaichi’s parent corporation, YEC, has subsidiaries and manufacturing in over 11 different countries.


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