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ARM China: attaches great importance to huawei and hite's active communication to seek solutions

Published time: 2019-12-20 13:50:18

On May 23, ARM China sent a response to ARM China attaches great importance to our long-term partner, hayes, and we are actively communicating to seek a proper solution in line with the current laws and regulations.

Hess is a chip design company owned by huawei.

The move came a day after the BBC reported on May 22 that ARM, the chip designer, had told staff it had to suspend business with huawei.Since ARM's design forms the basis of most of the world's mobile processors, analysts interviewed by the BBC believe it would be an "insurmountable" blow to huawei.


In response, the BBC said in a memo prepared by ARM that its designs contained "american-made technology".As such, it believes it was influenced by the trump administration's ban.

ARM, a company founded in 1990, was acquired by son's softbank in 2016, but is still headquartered in Cambridge, England, the report noted.It has been reported that ARM does not manufacture computer chips itself, but its main business is to license out its semiconductor technology and sell the technology and tools in a package. Companies that buy the technology can use ARM technology within a certain period of time.And this technology, namely chip world famous ARM architecture.ARM's underlying technology is also reported to be used by huawei's hsi semiconductor unit.

ARM Holdings is the world's leading provider of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) and is therefore at the heart of digital electronics development. Headquartered in Cambridge, England, ARM has more than 1,700 employees and has offices around the world, including design centers in Belgium, France, India, Sweden and the United States. The ARM processor is the first RISC microprocessor designed by Acorn Computer for low budget markets. Earlier known as Acorn RISC Machine. The ARM processor itself is a 32-bit design, but it is also equipped with a 16-bit instruction set, which generally saves 35% compared to equivalent 32-bit code, while retaining all the advantages of a 32-bit system.

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