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Anpec join HP and Asus supply chain in Q3.

Update Time: 2019-12-20 13:45:22

Anpec join HP and Asus supply chain in Q3.

  • U.S. Tesla (Electric car) price band high, Anpec (6138) Recent equally strong position, there are many new products will be shipped in Q3, which integrates control IC and MOSFET Cnverter IC shipments in Q3. Platform into HP and Asus Haswell NB supply chain.

    ANPEC main product lines are more concentrated in PC / NB applications. In recent years, Anpec also actively involved in research and development, there are many new products launched in the second half, except for Intel Haswell platform to launch integrated power converter chip, Switch IC, but for smartphone and tablet PC applications developed processor power management IC, charging IC, LED driver IC, and other new products, also will start shipping in the second half or the first half of next year.

ANPEC is a fabless semiconductor company engaging in power IC, mixed-signal IC, and power discrete devices design. The ultimate mission of the company is to integrate the best infrastructure of the semiconductor manufacture environment in Taiwan and to promote the analog IC design capability.


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