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Ams's new digital noise reduction technology

Update Time: 2019-12-31 17:02:56

Emex semiconductor, the world's leading supplier of high-performance sensor solutions, has released a new digital noise reduction technology that, combined with the hottest and most comfortable real wireless earplugs, will bring a new experience to music appreciation, voice calls and even the whole world's audio interaction.

The new digital audio technology solidifies emes semiconductor's leading position in the earplug market, which is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 27% by 20231, when wireless earplugs are expected to become the world's most popular headphone form, surpassing all other wireless and wired products.This audio technology proves that emex semiconductor is the world's leading provider of wireless earplug system solutions.

The semi-in-ear ear plug active noise reduction (ANC) function was successfully realized by the emmes semiconductor ALC algorithm

Semi-in-ear earplugs can be worn comfortably for a long time without fatigue, so they are more favored by consumers.But the half-in-ear structure also comes with some drawbacks, such as more "leakage" of external noise into the ear.Emes semiconductor's new digital audio technology platform offers automatic leakage compensation (ALC) for semi-in-ear earplugs, which adjusts parameters in real time based on the leakage between the earplug and the user's ear.This means that customers can also enjoy an excellent hearing enhancement and noise reduction experience while wearing semi-in-ear earplugs.


Users wearing semi-in-ear wireless earplugs with emeys semiconductor ALC technology can enjoy the same noiseless listening experience as ordinary ANC headphones.Earplugs equipped with ams ALC technology can barely detect background noise, improving the quality of voice calls, music and media content.This new technology has a noise reduction capacity of up to 40dB, which exceeds the market leading average minimum noise reduction of 30dB AS3418(also from emex semiconductor).

Chris Feige, executive vice President of emes semiconductor earbuds and automotive, said: "innovative technologies such as emes semiconductor's ALC will usher in a new era of digital enhanced hearing.Emes semiconductor will help audio industry customers reimagine the relationship between consumers and listening devices by building on new hearing enhancement platforms.Using ALC technology, the wearer experiences a pure noiseless environment.Our technology vision is that earplug and headphone manufacturers are designed to give users the option to block and receive voice content."

Emass semiconductor automatic preset technology helps enhance the end user experience

The hearing enhancement engine also provides a platform for automatic preset selection (APS) functions on the amex semiconductor active noise reduction (ANC) product AS3460.With APS audio technology, earplug manufacturers can develop differentiated features to configure and optimize noise reduction parameters for different types of ambient noise.Designers can also develop new earplugs that automatically switch modes based on the type of noise detected, providing the best noise reduction in any environment.When switching between different preset modes, AS3460 will fade in and out automatically, ensuring that users can continuously experience high noise reduction performance without realizing the switch.

New technologies such as emass semiconductor's ALC and APS can enhance the added value of earplugs with an excellent audio experience, whether sold as an individual or as an accessory to headphones.

Why emmax semiconductor?

Emes semiconductor has a good history of continuous breakthroughs and innovation in the audio field. The introduction of digital audio enhancement and other technologies is consistent with the traditional style of emes semiconductor.For more than a decade, noise-canceling headphone manufacturers have been using emes semiconductor's analog ANC chip to stay ahead in noise reduction depth, bandwidth, and ultra-low power consumption.Emex is also committed to providing headphone manufacturers with the expertise and experience to optimize acoustic, mechanical, and electrical properties of their product designs to strengthen their market position.

In 2016, Incus semiconductor acquired Incus Laboratories, giving it a brand new digital audio technology that allows it to take control of both digital and analog technologies.The enhanced hearing engine platform is the fruit of this acquisition, which has led to features such as "ALC" and "listen to what you want to hear".

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