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Ams a number of innovative sensor technologies appear in MWC

Update Time: 2019-12-20 09:27:35

Emex semiconductor, a provider of high-performance sensor solutions, will showcase industry-leading technologies for wearable devices, home/building, Internet of things, mobile and consumer devices at the 2019 MWC, which will be held at the Shanghai new international exhibition center (SNIEC) from June 26-28, 2019.

Emex customers will experience breakthrough sensor solutions for a variety of applications: color and spectral sensing, enhanced hearing including digital active noise cancellation (ANC), 3D optical sensing, and micro image sensing.

Emes semiconductor will introduce its advanced new generation of digital enhanced hearing technology at this MWC conference.The technology is part of emex's wireless earplug solution to help users reduce ambient noise while improving voice and music quality.Emex will be the first company to use and demonstrate the technology in both open and enclosed earplugs.

Leading digital noise reduction technologies combined with natural or enhanced transparency patterns will revolutionize the way we listen to music, answer voice calls, and even our experience of the world around us.


This technology allows mobile device oems to design market-leading digital noise and hearing solutions, including more comfortable true wireless earplugs, while providing end customers with the flexibility to freely combine the required noise reduction levels and/or transparency.

In short, the high performance, low power consumption and reduced system footprint make it ideal for true wireless earplugs, bluetooth stereo earmuffs/in-ear headphones and Lightning/ usb-c headsets.

"China has been an important strategic market for emex.The further development of Internet of things applications and the digital transformation of traditional industries in China bring great opportunities for the development of sensor technology.At MWC Shanghai, we bring breakthrough sensor solutions to China's key application markets, such as home/building, Internet of things, mobile and consumer devices."We are investing heavily to maintain our technological leadership and continue to accelerate application innovation in China," said Alexander Everke, chief executive officer of emex semiconductor.

Emex semiconductor's "sensing is life" exhibition at MWC Shanghai showcases innovative technologies for different industries including:

wireless earplug solutions

Digital enhanced hearing: reduces noise for the first time with open and closed earplugs, while optimizing speech and music in any environment.

POW:COM: dual pin charging and communication.Sample display of wireless earbud plate connected to charger base.Display power level and bluetooth communication status through Android phone.

Optical ear detector: presents a wireless ear plug solution based on the new TMD2635 for ear detection.

Optical slider concept: use TMD2635 as the user interface for wireless earplugs.

high-performance color spectrum sensing solutions

 for distance and color matching, skin tone and color measurement, and CCT.

• VivaVita reference design

wearable devices for 7 day * 24 hour continuous vital signs testing, including the fda-approved blood pressure monitoring solution expected to launch in fall 2019.


infrared spectrometer for consumer electronics applications.

• ToF placeholder monitoring demo

a laptop based demo that detects if there are people/objects in front of the screen and wakes up the laptop.

TMF8701 1D ToF

display sensor, ToF mode to demonstrate SL 3D face recognition process and Prox mode for in-bag detection using TMF8701 embedded customer phone.

• TMF8801 ToF occupation monitoring

laser detection automatic focus, distance measurement, collision prevention system.

• ALS and Prox behind OLED screens

demonstrate optical sensors that can pass through the display.ALS, where screen brightness varies with different light sources and lighting conditions, and Prox, where screen brightness is turned off and on.

• automatic White balance demo

this "true-white" demo shows how the TCS3430 color sensor significantly improves the AWB algorithm to take better White balance photos.

• Seres(stereoscopic platform) 

 qualcomm developed Belago(point projector) and PMSILPlus(floodlight) on the board to display depth maps on the big screen for technical comparison.

• Arolla (iToF) 

 demonstration of ToF and facial recognition, including PMD sensor module, displayed on large screen for technical comparison.

• > AS7221 demonstration kit for intelligent lighting

enable the lamp to "sense" and adapt to its surroundings, thus autonomouslyadapting to human needs for lighting and energy conservation.

NanEye M

ultra-small digital camera for medical and industrial applications, such as small-sized products that are ideal for various medical endoscopes, the Internet of things and robotics applications.

• joint demonstrations with megapixic

Single Camera Skeleton, super-image Quality, Video Camera Bokeh, Dollyzoom, tof-based FaceID and payment.

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