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Qorvo's first digital predistortion (DPD) amplifier won another award

Update Time: 2019-12-20 14:46:06

Qorvo, inc. announced today that Qorvo's QPA3250 won the "top product" award in the active network hardware category with high scores in the 2018 "diamond technology awards" in the broadband technology report (BTR). Qorvo's QPA3250 is the industry's first hybrid power multiplier amplifier module optimized for digital predistortion (DPD), which can be deployed in deep fiber-optic cable equipment nodes.Compared with traditional node deployment, it is closer to the client, which makes the cable broadband service operator save energy greatly.

Many of America's big cable operators plan to deploy the QPA3250 on their networks next year.Through this device, operators can utilize existing mixed fiber-coaxial networks to bring the deep fiber nodes closer to the client end and achieve gigabit per second bandwidth at a lower operating cost, providing users with video, voice and data services.The QPA3250 reduces power from 18W to 14W, helping cable equipment providers, multi-system operators (MSO) and cable operators reduce operating costs while maintaining or increasing output power and MER performance.By providing accelerated uplink and downlink capabilities, operators can provide better service to meet the needs of today's consumers.

Gorden Cook, general manager of Qorvo's transport business, said: "we are proud to have been awarded the top product in the diamond technology awards. As the first product of its kind, the QPA3250 highlights our technological leadership, enabling the world to connect through optimized high-performance, low-power devices.The endorsement of this product by the broadband technical report fully demonstrates Qorvo's commitment to creating first-class products that further enhance CATV connectivity."

"The QPA3250 is an impressive addition to the list of products and solutions that have had a disruptive impact on the cable telecommunications industry," said Stephen Hardy, editor-in-chief of broadband technology report and director of the 2018 diamond technology awards program.

The QPA3250 is available for current fiber optic depth nodes, allowing network operators to deploy low-power node network devices without fear of performance degradation. Operators can not only save energy and maximize the network functions of nodes, but also provide customers with higher data rates. Operators using DPD or full duplex can reduce QPA3250 current, significantly reducing operating and manufacturing costs, and paving the way for future 10 gigabit broadband.

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