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AMD's new ray-tracking technology will be benchmarked against the RTX2070

Update Time: 2019-12-20 14:10:20

AMD unveiled its new generation of Radeon Rays (previously called AMD Firerays) during the GDC conference, featuring open source, cross-platform, and free software.

In a video post on youtube, RedGamingTech said reliable sources have revealed that AMD Navi 20 GPU core will bring hardware-level real-time ray-tracking technology, which is very efficient.

However, the Navi 20 core won't be available until next year, and development and tuning will still be tedious.

The core of AMD's previous commitment to NMD Navi is Navi 10, which cuts out hardware-level optical tracking and oversampling features to address the performance issues of previous generations of GCN architectures, with the stated goal of power and RTX 2070 targeting.

Frankly, Vega hasn't done a great job, but according to insider sources, this architecture was completed when Raja Koduri joined the AMD GPU team, and the product he really led was Navi.Unfortunately, Raja left Navi after development and went to Intel.Judging by the fact that Raja has been given a big role at Intel (where he has built up a vision, core, and edge computing division), he is no lightweight.

Designed and integrated with cutting-edge technology, AMD powers millions of smart devices, including PCs, game consoles and cloud servers, to open a new era of surround computing. AMD solutions enable people to enjoy the full potential of their devices and applications anytime, anywhere, and create new possibilities.

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