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Altech ATEX Strain Relief Cable Glands

Update Time: 2019-12-19 12:27:24

Altech ATEX Strain Relief Cable Glands

The polyamide ATEX Cable Glands from Altech provide increased safety in explosion-endangered areas by eliminating any potential for arcs, sparks, or hot surfaces. Altech's ATEX Cable Glands are IP68-rated strain reliefs with neoprene seals that promote optimized sealing and protection against contaminants and reduce stress on components and terminal points in industry-wide applications. Easily mounted, the ATEX strain relief Cable Glands are gas and water-tight and are capable of performing over a broad temperature range (from -20oC to 60oC and -4oF to 140oF).

Altech Corp., a market leader offering automation and control components, manufactures industrial enclosures, UL approved miniature circuit breakers, and manual motor controllers.


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