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Alpha Wire Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables

Update Time: 2019-12-19 12:24:12

Alpha Wire Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables

Alpha Wire's Low-smoke Zero-halogen (LSZH) communication and control cable combines LSZH-rated insulation and jackets with rugged performance. Low smoke means easier visibility for evacuation and reduced respiratory damage due to smoke, while the zero-halogen material reduces toxicity from halogenated gases. The Alpha Wire Low-smoke Zero-halogen cables feature tinned copper conductors that resist corrosion and stranded conductors for installation flexibilty. The LSZH cable is available in multiconductor/multipair configurations, shielded or unshielded, foil shielded for EMI protection and improved signal integrity, as well as color-coding. The LSZH cables are suited to confined-space applications to reduce harm, save lives, and reduce damage to electronic components.

Alpha Wire provides high performance wire, cable, and tubing products that ensure superior systems reliability. Alpha Wire has integrated wire, cable, and tubing products into a complete solution more powerful than the sum of its parts.


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