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Alliance Memory Fast Asynchronous SRAM

Update Time: 2019-12-19 10:47:24

Alliance Memory Fast Asynchronous SRAM

Alliance Memory AS7C256A and AS7C4096A are high-performance CMOS Fast Asynchronous SRAM devices designed for memory applications in which fast data access and low power are desired. The Alliance Memory AS7C256A is a 5.0V 262,144-bit device organized as 32,768 words x 8 bits. This fast asynchronous SRAM device is ideal for Pentium?, PowerPC?, and portable computing applications. It provides 5.0V operation without sacrificing performance or operating margins. The Alliance Memory AS7C4096A is a 4,194,304-bit device organized as 524,288 words x 8 bits. This fast asynchronous SRAM device features equal address access and cycle times of 10/12/15/20 ns with output enable access times of 5/6 ns, making it ideal for high-performance applications. These Alliance Memory devices feature chip enable input that permits easy memory expansion with multiple-bank memory systems.

Alliance Memory, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in Fast Asynchronous products, including low power SRAM and SDRAM. Alliance Memory features a Fast SRAM line-up that includes densities ranging from 64k to 4M Fast SRAM in both the x8 and x16 configuration. Alliance Memory's product line of legacy memories supports the industrial and communications markets....


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