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Allegro Newest Galvanically Isolated Current Sensor IC-ACS773

Published time: 2019-12-20 14:07:49

Allegro Newest Galvanically Isolated Current Sensor IC-ACS773

The overview of ACS773

The ACS773 is an automotive grade, 200KHz Bandwidth Current Sensor IC in Allegro’s proprietary CB package. It offers a wide current sensing range (50A to 400A) and very low power loss achieved by the 100 μΩ internal resistance of its conductive path. The ACS773 achieve the highest performance in the CB package family with an accuracy of +/-2.1% over the lifetime of the IC from room to hot temperature. The 2.5 μs response time enables overcurrent fault detection in safety-critical applications while the Reinforced Galvanic Isolation reduces the bill of materials. It works off of a single 5 V supply (ACS772) or 3.3V (ACS773).

The ACS773 is ideal for Automotive application such as OBC, DC/DC converters and Inverter control as well as for industrial applications such as motor control, load detection and management and power supplies.

This sensor is provided in an Allegro custom CB package offering a very small form footprint, lower ICC and higher accuracy over current sensor modules offered by competing solutions. The ACS773 has a 2.5μs response time, which is the fastest response time IC ever offered in the custom Allegro CB package.

What is the target applications of ACS773


2.EV Charging Stations
4.Power supplies
5.Overcurrent fault protection

6.Any high accuracy current sensing apps requiring >50A (continuous), 2.5μs response time AND high isolation.


• AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified
• Typical of 2.5 μs output response time
• 3.3 V supply operation
• Ultra-low power loss: 100 μΩ internal conductor resistance
• Reinforced galvanic isolation allows use in economical,high-side current sensing in high-voltage systems
• 4800 Vrms dielectric strength certified under UL60950-1
• Industry-leading noise performance with greatly improved bandwidth through proprietary amplifier and filter design techniques
• Integrated shield greatly reduces capacitive coupling from current conductor to die due to high dV/dt signals,and prevents offset drift in high-side, high-voltage applications.
• Greatly improved total output error through digitally programmed and compensated gain and offset over the full operating temperature range
• Small package size, with easy mounting capability
• Monolithic Hall IC for high reliability
• Output voltage proportional to AC or DC currents
• Factory-trimmed for accuracy

• Extremely stable output offset voltage 


Similar current sensor IC-ACS772

The ACS772 has the same functions as the ACS773. It belongs to the same class of current sensor ICs. They are produced by the same manufacturer.

The related description about this current sensor IC

The device consists of a precision, low-offset linear Hall circuit with a copper conductive path near the chip. 

The applied current flowing through the copper conductive path produces a magnetic field in which the Hall IC is converted into a proportional voltage. 

The accuracy of the device is optimized by the close proximity of the magnetic signal to the Hall sensor. The low-offset, chopper-stabilized BiCMOS Hall IC provides accurate proportional output voltage for accurate programming at the factory. 

Proprietary digital temperature compensation technology greatly improves IC accuracy and temperature stability. Allegro's proprietary integrated shielding technology provides advanced immunity to current conductors dV / dt and stray electric fields, enabling low output voltage ripple and low offset drift in high-end, high voltage applications. As the increased current flows through the main copper conduction path (from terminal 4 to terminal 5), the output of the device increases, which is the path for current sampling. The internal resistance of the conductive path is typically 100 μΩ and the power consumption is low. 

The thickness of the copper conductor allows the device to survive high overcurrent conditions. The terminals of the conductive path are electrically isolated from the signal leads (pins 1 through 3). This allows the ACS772 series of sensor ICs to be used in applications that require electrical isolation without the use of optical isolators or other expensive isolation techniques.

Where to buy ACS773 and ACS772

Due to the short-term launch of the product, only a small number of large distributor sell this type current ic, Jotrin Electronics will provide you with inquiry service, if you need ACS773, you can contact us by email.



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