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Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Releases Innovative AxMR Technology

Published time: 2019-12-20 10:10:47

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Releases Innovative AxMR Technology

Allegro MicroSystems (hereafter Allegro) announced the launch of its innovative AxMR technology platform to strengthen the company’s position as a market leader in magnetic sensor ICs.
This product release is the crystallization of Allegro's R&D efforts during the past five years. This huge investment will strongly support Allegro's development vision and create a broader portfolio of innovative magnetic sensor products for high-growth applications in markets such as automotive and industrial. With Allegro's continued investment in high-precision thin film deposition equipment and advanced BCD wafer production equipment, the commitment to develop the AxMR platform has been further strengthened, and the technology is currently in volume production.

Allegro's AxMR technology platform integrates high-sensitivity MR (magnetoresistive) sensor elements and high-accuracy BiCMOS circuits on a single chip. Through a special integrated process, Allegro is able to integrate the company's automotive-grade high-voltage wafer processes with high-precision automotive-grade MR. Sensors are combined and packaged in industry-standard integrated circuits to achieve a series of high-reliability, innovative, small-size, single-chip solutions.

Allegro's AGMR (giant magnetoresistive) technology can withstand harsh automotive environments. Even in environments where the temperature is higher than 150°C, even in the presence of large magnetic fields, AGMR technology can maintain stable operation. The platform provides a new stage for Allegro to expand its products in applications such as speed, current and angle sensors.

Michael Doogue, vice president of business development at Allegro, said: “Hall-effect technology can meet the needs of many applications in Allegro's target market, but for some applications in areas such as ADAS and high-efficiency automotive, AxMR technology can provide more concision than Hall technology. In these applications, Allegro's AxMR ICs provide more accurate measurement data, enable more favorable mechanical layout of sensor ICs in mechanical systems, and create smaller solutions at a lower overall cost. 

Allegro's first-generation AxMR ring magnet speed sensor ICs have been produced in a number of industry-leading Tier 1 wheel speed sensors that use Allegro's patented signal processing algorithms to meet standard wheel speed sensors and direction-detected wheel speeds. Sensor platform needs. Giant magnetoresistive technology enables low-jitter rotation speed measurements that cannot be accomplished with Hall effect ICs.

Allegro is actively developing single-chip back-biased GMR sensors for advanced engine management and gearbox speed sensing applications, where low-jitter measurements and atmospheric gap performance are critical to the operation of advanced powertrain systems.

Allegro also recently released the first GMR-based current sensor IC that can resolve currents of less than 1mA. Allegro plans to use MR technology to further transform the single-chip current sensor IC market.



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