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Advantages of infrared temperature sensor MLX90640

Published time: 2020-03-31 10:41:32

Intelligentization has become the future trend of public life. Behind these intelligent industries, such as home appliances, transportation, medical treatment, and health, intelligent "recognition", temperature recognition, pressure recognition, speed recognition, and so on. In the temperature recognition temperature measurement tool, the core component is the temperature sensor. In this issue, we will talk about the differences between different temperature sensors.

temperature sensors

Pyroelectric sensor

Pyroelectric sensors use the pyroelectric effect to allow materials to be heated by infrared radiation and convert the resistance to voltage by introducing a field effect tube to drive various control circuits, such as power switches, anti-theft alarms, etc. . Its advantages are no radiation itself, low power consumption, and low cost due to the widespread technology. The disadvantage is that the anti-interference ability is poor, and it is very insensitive to the induction of radial movement, which means that when the detection target is not moving or stationary, the pyroelectric sensor cannot function.

Pyroelectric sensor

Infrared temperature sensor

Infrared sensors are measuring systems based on infrared rays, which can be broadly divided into thermopile sensors and micro-thermal radiation sensors. The thermopile sensor directly senses thermal radiation, providing a perfect solution for non-contact temperature measurement. Silicon-based micromechanical technology guarantees excellent stability and photoelectric characteristics. Due to their low price, thermopile infrared sensors are often used in civilian markets such as ear thermometers, radiation thermometers, electric ovens, and food temperature detection. Micro-thermal radiation sensors are more accurate than thermopile sensors, but due to their high cost, they are generally only used in research institute laboratories.

In the practical application of temperature sensors, many companies hope to achieve the requirements of micro-calorie radiation sensor level at a relatively low cost. Facing such market demand, Melexis Melexis has given its own solution.

MLX90640 is a high-resolution infrared temperature sensor with thermopile technology introduced by Melexis Melexis. It also does not require frequent recalibration during use, which ensures continuous monitoring and reduces system costs.

MLX90640 far infrared thermal sensor array

The MLX90640 is a fully calibrated 32x24 pixel thermal infrared array. It is housed in an industry standard 4-lead T039 package and provides a digital interface, and contains 768 FIR pixels. Its internal integrated environmental sensor IC can measure the ambient temperature of the chip, and provides a sensor IC to measure VDD. The outputs of all sensor ICs, including IR, Ta, and VDD, are stored in internal RAM and accessible through I²C.

MLX90640 far infrared thermal sensor array

Its operating temperature range is -40 ° C to 85 ° C, and it can measure object temperatures between -40 ° C and 300 ° C. The infrared sensor maintains high accuracy throughout the measurement range. The temperature accuracy of a typical target object is ± 1 ° C. It also has excellent noise performance.

Unlike alternatives to microbolometers, this sensor does not require frequent recalibration, ensuring continuous monitoring and reducing system costs. Melexis MLX90640 is available in a compact 4-pin TO39 package with the necessary optics. I²C-compatible digital interface simplifies integration.

MLX90640 Features Summary

-40 to 85 ° C operating temperature range allows deployment in difficult industrial environments

Can measure object temperature between -40 and 300 ° C

Typical temperature accuracy of the target object is 1 °, accuracy over the entire measurement range

Two different field of view (FoV) options: standard 55 ° x35 ° and 110 ° x75 ° wide angle

No need to recalibrate for specific temperature requirements, ensuring greater convenience and lower operating costs

When the refresh rate is 1Hz, the NETD is only 0.1K RMS

4-lead TO39 package containing necessary optics

I²C-compatible digital interface simplifies integration

MLX90640 common application scenarios

Fire protection system, intelligent building, intelligent lighting

Intrusion / movement detection and presence detection / personnel location

HVAC equipment and vehicle seat occupancy detection

Industrial temperature control

IP / surveillance camera

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