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The advantages of the application of drones, application areas and development direction

Update Time: 2022-05-11 17:56:58

The advantages of the application of drones, application areas and development direction

UAVs are currently being used in various applications, from law enforcement, disaster relief, and survey to agriculture, transportation, and aerial photography. With their excellent flight performance and image performance, UAVs assist industry experts in significantly improving work efficiency and reducing time and labor costs.

Application Advantages of UAVs

With the maturity and rise of drone technology, the application areas of drones are becoming more and more extensive. As one of the most widely used industries for intelligent technology, security is naturally a key application area for drones.

The broad field of view: UAVs have the characteristics of high-altitude operations and flexible flight. In the case of police security, monitoring a wide range and a large area of view can make up for the fixed video surveillance, and personnel patrols encounter the problem of monitoring dead spots.

Adapt to complex environments: When encountering a large monitoring area, rugged terrain, high traffic flow, and other settings that human and traditional monitoring equipment can not meet, you can use high-definition push flow equipment and radar and other equipment to quickly track the offenders or event investigation, to grasp real-time monitoring information to facilitate the security work of the police.

Voice intercom and alarm: When something urgent happens or when an arrest is made, you can shout through the drone monitoring equipment in time to evacuate the masses and deter offenders.

24H real-time monitoring: fully meet the daily monitoring needs; what can push live streaming and video playback. You can also set the video schedule, saving bandwidth and reducing workforce and material resources.

Small size: fast flight speed, compact size, low noise when working, long monitoring distance, and not easily detected by the target.

Drones in the field of security applications

Drones, from the security industry to today, have undergone radical changes. As an extension of the security technology applications, with its mobile and flexible, all-round monitoring, rich task load, adaptability, stealth, and other advantages are widely used in security management, traffic patrol, event security, surveillance and arrest, border patrol, simulation operations, etc., can quickly and efficiently complete emergency tracking, anti-terrorism and explosion-proof and other complex tasks.

City security clairvoyance

In maintaining law and order in prominent places, police drones equipped with cameras as "sky eyes in the air" can monitor the locations held in an all-round way without dead ends. The integration of drone application technology and government grid platform, police drone platform combined with video, infrared and other monitoring and transmission equipment, can be maintained in the places screen for Real-time transmission, comprehensive control.

The "first-person" to raid the crime scene.

From aerial photography to "sky police," in the case of increasingly new means of crime, the traditional policing model seems to have more than enough power to promptly control the new era of corruption. Today, as one of the powerful weapons to fight crime, drones also play an essential role in the life-and-death disaster relief field. Using drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras, there is no need to worry about exposing personnel to unknown dangers when apprehending fleeing criminals.

Aerial fire commander

In the fire scene, due to the risk of explosion at any time, coupled with dense smoke, it is difficult for firefighters to judge the fire situation in a safe area with the naked eye. As the "vanguard" of the drone can be in the air through the observation of complex terrain and structure building, fire hazard inspection, on-site rescue command, fire detection, and prevention and control, it has become a new "weapon" of the fire department. Using the intelligent detection of fire drones, the fire department can instantly grasp the fire scene information, effectively help the scene commander accurately judge the disaster, provide the basis for scientific decision-making, and improve the actual combat capabilities of the fire brigade.

Drones + 5G

5G with high speed, low latency, increased capacity of significant advantages, and continue to integrate into our lives. 5G technology to empower security applications, effectively promote the deep integration of drones in the field of security applications in different scenarios, to achieve efficient and intelligent autonomous drone security operations.

The emergence of 5G technology, so that the drone in the security applications break through the restricted flight range, little clarity of the map, positioning accuracy, operational information transmission lag, and other difficulties, so that the drone flight height has a big step forward, no longer subject to the measurement and control distance. Even in high latitudes, the blocking limitations can also achieve high-definition image transmission back to provide efficient information support for security and rescue and enhance the operation in particular environments Efficiency.

With the support of 5G, drones can achieve more accurate positioning, which can effectively help rescuers achieve accurate spotting in emergency rescue. Drones + 5G technology can realize the automatic storage of information in the cloud, processing video data and timely distribution, and efficiently complete the task of information transmission.

What is the future direction of the development of the industry?

1, the development of drones to specialization

With the continuous development of science and technology, drones will become more and more advanced, while the application areas of drones will also continue to expand. At present, the professional division of China's drones is not very clear for most users. Still, it also needs a more refined division, so the future of the professional division of drones will be more elegant and specialized.

2, Improve the endurance of the drone. The shape is small and easy to carry

In such applications as disaster relief, drones can secure the safety of rescue work through aerial photography. Still, such a position requires and time race, so the endurance of the drone requirements is high. What can see is what should improve the persistence of future drones. With the development of lighter-weight micro drones in the United States in 2020, China, Norway, and other places have also released micro drones. What can see is that the micro drone field is gradually fierce competition. The progress of technology is also one of the critical factors in promoting the gradual development of drones to miniaturization and miniaturization.


The development of drones gradually tends to diversify, in the military and civilian aspects are involved in the next period, improve the existing technology, more training of high-end talent, to solve and break through the technical difficulties is the key to the development of drones.

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