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Advantages and disadvantages of high voltage SMT capacitor and its application

Published time: 2019-12-20 10:50:45

Advantages and disadvantages of high voltage patch capacitance


small package volume, stable quality, high insulation performance, high voltage resistance


small capacity, current maximum 100UF, easy to be broken down by pulse voltage.

high voltage SMT capacitor

Application of high voltage patch capacitor in power supply products

High-voltage patch capacitor is widely used in automotive electronics and power supply. In order to obtain better product use effect and make the product more stable in application, the key lies in having a good high-voltage patch capacitor.Under what circumstances can we use high voltage patch capacitor to package the quality of our products?

The first thing to mention is the power supply.Power products usually have special high-voltage patch capacitors, because a good power supply can directly affect the quality of electronic products, the stability of power supply and endurance are extremely important indicators when most consumers buy electronic products, and the existence of high-voltage patch capacitors makes the stability and performance of power supply greatly improved.Because the high-voltage patch capacitor can have a stronger frequency characteristic and a higher absorption capacity to noise, the performance of the power supply is determined to a considerable extent. Therefore, the power supply product USES a better high-voltage patch capacitor.

The arrival of the era of electronic automobile also makes the high-voltage SMT capacitor more powerful application ability.Vehicle-mounted electronic components usually have higher technical requirements, so it is recommended that we also use special high-voltage SMT capacitor to ensure quality.High quality electronic vehicles with high quality electronic components on the vehicle to improve the performance of the car plays a more important role.

In addition, high-voltage SMT capacitors are also involved in many fields. Many high-precision industries need high-voltage SMT capacitors to improve the performance of products.Including monitoring equipment, more high-end industrial equipment, network equipment field can see its shadow.


Application of 1206 ceramic high voltage SMT capacitor

The high-voltage SMT capacitor products of 1206 series are divided into two materials: high-frequency porcelain media NPO(COG) and low-frequency porcelain media X7R. The price of NPO media is relatively high

The X7R medium is more expensive, but it also has a higher quality.

1206 high voltage SMT capacitor is widely used in controllers, new energy automotive electronics, industrial equipment, power products and other fields, its basic

It works by charging and discharging, and of course by rectifying, oscillating and other functions.



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