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ADCs are hermetically sealed

Update Time: 2019-12-20 22:05:43

ADCs are hermetically sealed

The DATEL Business Unit of Murata Power Solutions (Mansfield, MA) has introduced its ADS-1011 series of analog-to-digital converters with 10-bit resolution and are housed in a 24-pin LCC hermetically sealed ceramic package. Each unit features guaranteed no missing codes and is 100 percent tested for performance across one of three standard temperature ranges: 0 to +70°C; -40 to +100°C; -55 to +125°C. The ADS-1011 can run from as low as +2.7 V up to +5.5 V supply. Additional features include:

  • A sample-hold, successive approximation ADC.
  • High speed microprocessor-compatible serial data transfer, while consuming less than 10 mW of power at 250-kHz throughput.
  • The ability to withstand a minimum of 30k Rad.
  • 60 dB of SNR and -65 dB of total harmonic distortion.

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The Products of Murata include Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors, SAW Filters, Ceramic Resonators, Piezoelectric Sensors, Ceramic Filters, iezoelectric Buzzers, Short-range Wireless Communication Modules, Multilayer Ceramic Devices, Connectors, Isolators, Power Supplies, Circuit Modules, EMI Suppression Filters, Inductor (coils) and Sensors.


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