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A new Design that reduces Parts and Material Costs with Higher Power Density

Update Time: 2019-12-20 16:44:01

A new Design that reduces Parts and Material Costs with Higher Power Density

The new ComPack family represents a compact package with the highest power density. The ComPack design is a result from the implementation of the newest assembly methods in combination with the proprietary ‘power metallization chip’ technologies of IXYS. Advancement in the module design as well as the silicon die technology leads to a userfriendly product that fulfills the highest needs in reliability and functionality. First products are dual die or phase-leg topology using both anode side and cathode side soldering options to make available dual thyristor, dual diode or thyristor/diode combinations. The modules have a rated current of 700A per leg, improved surge rating and a maximum junction temperature of 140°C. “The ComPack module is an excellent example of how innovations in design can provide benefits to our customers. Previous designs of a phase leg bi-polar module and similar competitive offerings are only rated between 500A and 570A. However, the ComPack is rated at 700A and up to 2,200V per die but has a 33% reduced footprint and weight 67% less than current alternatives, significantly illustrating how IXYS’ MORE POWER, LESS PACKAGE design philosophy can reduce transportation costs across the whole of the value chain,” commented Bradley Green, the President of European Sales and Business Development. “Modules of this size and power had previously had issues in high transportation cost and its associated carbon footprint both at the manufacturer and further when installed in our c u s t o m e r s ’ equipment. By providing a much smaller module at far less weight but at improved reliability, power range and ruggedness, IXYS provides the perfect solution to our cost and environment sensitive customers,” added Mr. Green. Internally IXYS’ Direct Copper Bonded (DCB) ceramic technology provides a high isolation voltage of 4800V which is in line with Underwriters Laboratory (UL) requirements. With the adapted copper base plate, the ComPack concept achieves very low thermal impedance and helps reduce the module weight yet, supports long-term reliability under highest power output operation. With this development, IXYS is allowing the designer to switch more power than historically available, thereby facilitating higher power densities, greater material efficiency and lower systems cost and lower weight in motor control, soft starter, UPS or input rectification applications.

Features • Optimized creepage & clearance distances • Clip-soldered die technology • Less weight • Optimized heatsink & DCB construction • 93mm x 65mm x 50mm (L x W x H) • M10 screw connections Applications • Motor control, softstarter • AC-Control • UPS • Input rectification • Supplies for DC power equipment • Field supply for DC motors

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