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Low power,high performance wireless microcontroller-NXP JN5169

Published time: 2018-11-23

Introduction of Wireless Microcontroller-JN5169

JN5169 is part of the JN516x series Wireless Microcontroller.The JN5169 is an ultra low power, high performance wireless microcontroller suitable for ZigBee applications. 

It features 512 kB embedded Flash, 32 kB RAM and 4 kB EEPROM memory, allowing OTA upgrade capability without external memory. The 32-bit RISC processor offers high coding efficiency through variable width instructions, a multi-stage instruction pipeline and low-power operation with programmable clock speeds. 

It also includes a 2.4 GHz IEEE802.15.4 compliant transceiver and a comprehensive mix of analog and digital peripherals. The best in class RX operating current (down to 13 mA and with a 0.7 μA sleep timer mode) gives excellent battery life allowing operation direct from a coin cell.

The peripherals support a wide range of applications. They include a 2-wire compatible I²C-bus and SPI-bus which can operate as either master or slave, a 6-channel ADC with a battery monitor and a temperature sensor. It can support a large switch matrix of up to 100 elements, or alternatively a 40-key capacitive touch pad.

JN5169 block diagram

Wireless Microcontroller-JN5169 block diagram

What is the Benefits of JN5169

Single chip device to run stack and application
Very low current solution for long battery life; over 10 years
Very low RX current for low standby power of mains powered nodes
Integrated power amplifier for long range and robust communication
High tolerance to interference from other 2.4 GHz radio sources
Supports multiple network stacks
Highly featured 32-bit RISC CPU for high performance and low power
Large embedded Flash memory to enable over-the-air firmware updates without external Flash memory
System BOM is low in component count and cost
Flexible sensor interfacing options
Very thin quad flat 6 × 6 mm, 40 terminal package; lead-free and RoHS compliant
Temperature range: -40 °C to +125 °C

Features: radio

2.4 GHz IEEE802.15.4 compliant
RX current 14.7 mA, in low power receive mode 13 mA
Receiver sensitivity -96 dBm
Configurable transmit power, for example:
10 dBm, 23.3 mA
8.5 dBm, 19.6 mA
3 dBm, 14 mA
Radio link budget 106 dB
Maximum input level of +10 dBm
Compensation for temperature drift of crystal oscillator frequency
128-bit AES security processor
MAC accelerator with packet formatting, CRCs, address check, auto-acks, timers
Integrated ultra low-power RC sleep oscillator (0.7 μA)
2.0 V to 3.6 V battery operation
Deep sleep current 50 nA (wake-up from IO)
< 0.15 $ external component cost
Antenna diversity (Auto RX)
Features: microcontroller
32-bit RISC CPU; 1 MHz to 32 MHz clock speed
Variable instruction width for high coding efficiency
Multi-stage instruction pipeline
512 kB Flash
32 kB RAM
Data EEPROM with guaranteed 100 k write operations
ZigBee PRO stack with Home Automation, Light Link and Smart Energy profiles
2-wire I²C-bus compatible serial interface; can operate as either master or slave
5 × PWM (4 timers, 1 timer/counter)
2 low-power sleep counters
SPI-bus master and slave port, 3 selects
Supply voltage monitor with 8 programmable thresholds
6-input 10-bit ADC, comparator
Battery and temperature sensors
Watchdog and Supply Voltage Monitor (SVM)

Up to 20 Digital IO (DIO) pins

The Target Applications of JN5169

Robust and secure low-power wireless applications
ZigBee Smart Energy networks
ZigBee Light Link networks
ZigBee Home Automation networks
Toys and gaming peripherals
Energy harvesting - for example, self-powered light switch

Where to buy NXP Wireless Microcontroller JN5169

JN5169 is available in the market and many electronic component suppliers are in stock .

JN5169 datasheet download address 

Associated electronic parts with JN5169

JN5161-001: 64kB Flash, 8kB RAM, 4 kB EEPROM, suitable for IEEE802.15.4 and RF4CE applications.
JN5164-001: 160kB Flash, 32kB RAM, 4 kB EEPROM suitable for Jennet-IP, IEEE802.15.4 and RF4CE applications.

JN5168-001: 256kB Flash, 32kB RAM, 4 kB EEPROM suitable for all applications.

The NXP  JN516x series RF Integrated Circuits for sale at Jotrin Electronics


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