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Texas Instruments Stereo Headphone Amplifier-TPA6140A2

Published time: 2018-12-13

The Texas Instruments TPA6140A2 25-mW Class-G stereo headphone amplifier improves system-level music playback time by 20 percent over Class-AB technology in the best-in-class music phones shipping . DirectPath? technology on the TI TPA6140A2 eliminates the need for large DC-blocking capacitors, and pop-suppression circuitry improves the listening experience. Small package size, ultra-low power consumption and high audio fidelity makes the TI TPA6140A2 amplifier ideal for portable applications such as mobile/smart phones and MP3 players. The TI TPA6140A2EVM evaluation module is a complete standalone audio board for the TPA6140A2 amplifier.

Description of TPA6140A2

The TPA6140A2 (also known as TPA6140) is a Class-G DirectPath stereo headphone amplifier with built-in I2C volume control. Class-G technology maximizes battery life by adjusting the voltage supplies of the headphone amplifier based on the audio signal level. At low level audio signals, the internal supply voltage is reduced to minimize power dissipation. DirectPath™ technology eliminates external DC-blocking capacitors.

The device operates from a 2.5 V to 5.5 V supply voltage. Class-G operation keeps total supply current below 5.0 mA while delivering 500 µW per channel into 32 . Shutdown mode reduces the supply current to less than 3 µA and is activated through the I2C interface.The TPA6140A2 (TPA6140) I2C register map is compatible to the TPA6130A2, simplifying software development.

The amplifier outputs have short-circuit and thermal-overload protection along with ±8 kV HBM ESD protection, simplifying end equipment compliance to the IEC 61000-4-2 ESD standard.The TPA6140A2 (TPA6140) is available in a 0,4 mm pitch, 16-bump 1,6 mm × 1,6 mm WCSP (YFF) package.

Features of TPA6140A2

1.TI Class-G Technology Significantly Prolongs Battery Life and Music Playback Time
-0.6 mA / Ch Quiescent Current
-50% to 80% Lower Quiescent Current than Ground-Referenced Class-AB Headphone Amplifiers
2.DirectPath™ Technology Eliminates Large Output DC-Blocking Capacitors
-Outputs Biased at 0 V
-Improves Low Frequency Audio Fidelity
3.Active Click and Pop Suppression
4.Fully Differential Inputs Reduce System Noise
-Also Configurable as Single-Ended Inputs
5.SGND Pin Eliminates Ground Loop Noise
6.Wide Power Supply Range: 2.5 V to 5.5 V
7.100 dB Power Supply Noise Rejection
8.Short-Circuit Current Limiter
9.0,4 mm Pitch, 1,6 mm × 1,6 mm WCSP Package

1.Cellular Phones / Music Phones
2.Portable Media / MP3 Players

3.Portable CD / DVD Players

TPA6140A2 datasheet


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