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The 650V SiC Power Schottky Rectifiers_SICR5650,SICR6650 and SICR10650

Published time: 2018-09-17

This article mainly describes SMC Diode Solutions 650V SiC Power Schottky Rectifiers_SICR5650, SICR6650 and SICR10650.

Jotrin Electronics will introduce the features and applications of SICR5650,SICR6650 and SICR10650 to you.

The SiC Power Schottky Rectifiers_SICR5650,SICR6650 and SICR10650 are from the same manufacturer SMC Diode Solutions. 

They have some of the same properties in terms of application and features,so we have a unified description of SICR5650, SICR6650 and SICR10650, which allows us to find their difference.

The Birth of SICR5650,SICR6650 and SICR10650

Plainview, NY, September 10, 2018…SMC Diode Solutions, a global leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of discrete semiconductors, power modules , and die and wafer devices (Si and SiC), announced the comprehensive through-hole  SICR5650, SICR6650 and SICR10650 Series of 650V silicon carbide (SiC) Power Schottky Rectifiers.  

The high-voltage series boast state-of-the industry silicon carbide technology, which provides very low total conduction losses and very stables switching characteristics over temperature extremes.  

The single diode SICR5650 and SICR6650 Schottky rectifiers support average rectified currents of 5A and 6A respectively, whereas the common cathode, dual center-tapped SICR 10650 parts are provided with rectified currents of 5A and 10A. 

Featuring zero reverse recovery, together with switching speeds independent of operating temperature, the series are especially suited for employment in alternative energy inverters, power factor correction (PFC), and free-wheeling diodes.  They are also appropriate in switching supply output rectification and reverse polarity protection applications. 

SMC Diode Solutions’ SiC power Schottky rectifiers can withstand high forward surge currents while ensuring robust performance over their -55 °C to +175 °C operating junction temperature range.  

These Lead (Pb) Free plated devices also feature high package isolation voltage and a guard ring for enhanced ruggedness and long-term reliability.  Additional electrical and life testing can be performed upon customer request.

The Description of SICR5650,SICR6650 and SICR10650

SICR5650,SICR6650 and SICR10650 are all single SiC Schottky rectifiers packaged in TO-220AC, D2PAK, DPAK and ITO-220ACcase. 

The device is a high voltage Schottky rectifier that has very low total conduction losses and very stable switching characteristics over temperature extremes. 

The SICR5650 and SICR6650 are ideal for energy sensitive, high frequency applications in challenging environments.

SICR5650,SICR6650 and SICR10650 Features

175°C TJ operation
Ultra-low switching loss
Switching speeds independent of operating temperature
Low total conduction losses
High forward surge current capability
High package isolation voltage
Guard ring for enhanced ruggedness and long term reliability
Pb − Free Device
All SMC parts are traceable to the wafer lot 
Additional electrical and life testing can be performed upon request 

SICR5650,SICR6650 and SICR10650 Applications

Alternative energy inverters
Power Factor Correction (PFC)  
Free-Wheeling diodes
Switching supply output rectification
Reverse polarity protection

The SICR5650 and SICR6650 Series are available in TO-220AC, D2PAK, DPAK or ITO-220AC packages; SICR10650 parts are provided in TO-220AB, D2PAK, DPAK or ITO-220AB packages. 


The SICR5650, SICR6650 and SICR10650 have the same product features, applications, their differences are mainly reflected in the appearance of the product and the naming rules, as for other differences can be identified according to the datasheet

If we want to understand the application, features and related parameters of an electronic part, it is the most direct and effective way to view the datasheet of the part.

In addition, we should briefly understand several basic description parameters of electronic parts, such as: Manufacturer, Package / Case Type, Rated voltage, Rated current, Operating Temperature, etc.

Jotrin Electronics provides you with the relevant datasheet source links below to help you better understand SICR5650, SICR6650 and SICR10650.

SICR5650 datasheet

SICR6650 datasheet

SICR10650 datasheet


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