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ON Semiconductor's Highly Integrated Touch/Proximity Sensor Awarded in China

Published time: 2018-04-13

Keywords: LC717A30UJ single-chip touch /proximity sensing scheme touch technology

The LC717A30UJ single-chip touch/proximity sensing solution of On Semiconductor (ON Semiconductor, Nasdaq: ON) promoted energy-efficient innovation was honored by the “China Electronics Business” magazine for the 2017 Editor's Choice Award. Sensors for automotive and industrial system applications use mutual capacitance to detect capacitance changes down to the femtofarad level (fF)."China Electronics Business" was founded in 1995 and is one of the earliest publications in China's electronics and semiconductor industries. Its annual editorial selection award evaluates nominated products based on three criteria: brand recognition, market adoption success stories, and unique product features and features.

The LC717A30UJ meets the AEC-Q100 and has a sensitivity range of 150 millimeters (mm), which exceeds any competitive device on the market. Its higher sensitivity supports gesture movement and provides traditional touch functionality, thereby increasing the user's control options to solve a wide range of application scenarios. In addition, it can still work when there is an air gap between the sensor/PCB and the shield, so engineers do not need to include light in the package to reduce the overall complexity.

The device also incorporates an auto-calibration feature that optimizes and self-calibrates the total capacitance based on the electrode, line capacitance, and surrounding environment, dramatically accelerating the system development cycle and enhancing the robustness of the field.

Ryan Cameron, Vice President of Industrial and Off-line Power Division of ON Semiconductor, said this award: “We were awarded this year’s editorial award for one of the leading magazines in China’s electronics engineering industry, marking the recognition of the differentiated performance of this product’s leading industry, and the market Acceptability: Touch technology has grown rapidly in many applications, so a high-performance, robust and easy-to-design integration solution such as the LC717A30UJ is critical to our customers."


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