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Powerful FLT series switch

Published time: 2019-02-28

The FLT switch provides reliable point level and interface sensing in liquids, gases or foams. It is ideal for heavy duty environments (FLT93S) and small process connections that require a fast response switch (FLT93F).

The FLT93S switch recognizes the interface between any type of media. The dual switch point option of the FLT93S Switch allows one instrument to control two different product interfaces. Two or more switches are used to control product emissions and intake at a given point.

The FLT switch operates over a wide setpoint range in water from 0.01 to 0.5 FPS (0,003 to 0.9 MPS). The liquid level/interface accuracy is ±0.25 inches (±6.4 mm) and the measurement repeatability is ±0.125 inches (±3.2 mm). The standard FLT93S can withstand operating temperatures from -40 to 350 °F (-40 to 177 °C).

With its advanced thermal diffusion mass flow sensor, the FLT features built-in temperature compensation to ensure repeatable and reliable operation, even in extreme environments, such as high temperature chemical refining and other processing industries.The FLT switch is hydrostatically tested at 70°F [21°C] at a pressure of 3500 psig [240 bar(g)].

FLT Switch offers a wide range of standard and custom process connections. The electronic control circuit can be mounted integrally with the sensing element or it can be located at a remote location. The standard housing is made of coated aluminum alloy. It is suitable for ATEX locations and is suitable for NEMA Type 4X (IP66) environments. Stainless steel or fiberglass housings are also available.

In summary, the FLT series of switches is still very powerful, to meet the needs of a variety of environments.If you need FLT series switches, please search for specific models. Currently, Jotrin E-shop has many types of switches for sale.

FLT series switch application
Suitable for chemical refining, food and beverage, oil/gas, electricity, metals and mining, pulp/paper, water and wastewater treatment

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