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900V InnoSwitch-EP IC for industrial and three-phase power applications

Update Time: 2020-09-28 16:32:20

High-voltage system designers are usually faced with megawatt-level applications. They may need to use several milliwatts of power to power low-voltage microprocessor systems, or they may need to use tens of watts of power for inverter gate drivers Power supply. 

However, the newly launched 900 V InnoSwitch-EP device can greatly simplify the power supply design applied to the common industrial voltage power supply range, making the power supply durable and highly reliable.

InnoSwitch-EP IC (2).jpg

It uses the company's innovative FluxLinkâ„¢ magnetic coupling technology that meets safety requirements, and integrates synchronous rectification and precise secondary-side control, so it can design a highly efficient and highly reliable power supply without an optocoupler.

The new 900 V InnoSwitch-EP IC integrates a more powerful 900 V power MOSFET, which can provide a large operating voltage margin in 450 VAC industrial system applications, thereby improving reliability and service life. The new device can work continuously at an input voltage of up to 450VAC.

In addition, input undervoltage/overvoltage protection-as another layer of protection that can be set manually, it can prevent the IC from switching when the input voltage rises to 650VAC, thereby protecting the entire circuit. This flexibility is a huge advantage for designers who need their power supplies to be suitable for global application environments.

The 900 V InnoSwitch-EP IC can reduce the number of BOM components and eliminate the optocoupler whose performance will decline over time, thereby enhancing the reliability of the power supply.

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