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7000 Series Show and Tell Module

Update Time: 2019-12-19 23:37:41

7000 Series Show and Tell Module

Noritake's Show and Tell? module features advanced chip-in-glass and MCU technology, as well as superb built-in VFD graphics capability. Built-in features include eight levels of brightness control, a wide viewing angle, up to four independent windows with individual control, and a wide operating temperature range, as well as optional color optical filters and luminance. The Show and Tell? module has fixed and proportional fonts, international font sets each with 16 user-defined characters, and font magnification up to four times horizontally and two times vertically.

Noritake is a leading supplier of vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs) offering higher brightness, wider viewing angles, wider temperature ranges, multiple functions and fonts, as well as advanced graphics capability.


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