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200-V rectifiers offered in surface mount pkgs

Update Time: 2019-12-19 00:00:59

200-V rectifiers offered in surface mount pkgs

A portfolio of 200V surface mount Schottky rectifiers suit high voltage applications. The CMSH1-200HE (1 A, 200 V, SMA package), CMSH3-200MHV (3 A, 200V , SMB package), CMSH5-200HV (5 A, 200 V, SMC package), and a bridge rectifier CBRHDSH1-200 (1 A, 200 V, HD DIP package).

The Schottky rectifiers are energy efficient with a reverse leakage current at maximum repetitive voltage of 50 µA and a 0.9–V forward voltage drop. The devices suit power management, power over Ethernet line rectification, dc/dc conversion, and solid state lighting applications. (Full reel qty/ea: CMSH1-200HE, $0.20; CMSH3-200MHV, $0.30; CMSH5-200HV, $0.40; CBRHDSH1-200, $0.44 — available now.)

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