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10-bit, 2.5-GSPS ADC offers 60-dB SFDR

Update Time: 2019-12-18 00:00:01

The 10-bit, 2.5 Gsamples/s EV10AS150ATP A/D converter series provides an SFDR performance of 60 dB, a SNR of 52 dB, an IMD3 of 60 dBc, and an ENOB of 8.1. The devices feature 5-GHz analog input bandwidth for operation over the full L-band and S-band frequencies and are suitable for high-speed test instrumentation, ATE, high-speed data storage, software-defined radio, radar, and flight simulators, and wideband satellite receivers.

The series is available in commercial (Ta > 0°C, TJ < 90°C) and industrial (Ta > –40°C, TJ <110°C) grade versions in a 317-pin EBGA. (Contact company for pricing and availability.)

Teledyne e2v is a global leader in specialised components and subsystems for innovative solutions in medical, science, aerospace, defence and industrial applications.


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