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Highly-Integrated Sub-PMIC for Mobile Applications

Manufacturer : Richtek Technology Corporation
Package/Case : BGA
Product Categories : Power Management IC
Datasheet: RT5081WSC Datasheet (PDF)
RoHs Status: Lead free/RoHS Compliant
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RT5081WSC Product Details

The RT5081WSC is a highly-integrated smart power management IC, which includes a single cell Li-Ion/Li-Polymer switching battery charger, a USB Type-C & Power Delivery (PD) controller, dual Flash LED current sources, a RGB LED driver, a backlight WLED driver, a display bias driver and a general LDO for portable devices. The switching charger integrates a synchronous PWM controller, power MOSFETs, input current sensing and input current regulation, high-accuracy voltage regulation, and charge termination circuitry. Besides, the charge current is regulated through the integrated sensing resistors. It also features USB On-The-Go (OTG) support. The USB Type-C & PD controller complies with the latest USB Type-C and PD standards. It integrates a complete Type-C transceiver including the Type-C termination resistors, Rp and Rd, and enables the USB Type-C detection including attach and orientation. It also integrates the physical layer of the USB BMC power delivery protocol, allowing power transfers and role swaps. The BMC PD function provides full support for alternate modes on the USB Type-C standard. Dual independent current sources supply for each flash LED. The power for the current sources in strobe mode are from the CHG_VMID pin, which is supplied from the charger in reverse boost mode, the same operation as OTG mode of the charger. The high-side current sources, allowing for grounded-cathode connection for LEDs, provide strobe mode current levels from 50mA to 1.5A in a 12.5 mA step or from 25mA to 750mA in a 6.25mA step and torch mode current levels from 25mA to 400mA in a 12.5mA step. The two channels can support totally up to 2.5A. The backlight WLED driver supports up to a 29V output voltage for 4 channels of 8 series WLEDs. Each channel supports up to 30mA of current capability with 2048 current steps in exponential or linear mapping curves. The backlight brightness is controlled by the I2C interface and an external PWM control. The PWM frequency range is from 50Hz to 50kHz. The RT5081WSC can also support torch/strobe backlight modes with regulated constant current for front camera screen flash applications. The display bias driver (DB) is implemented with a single-inductor boost and an inverting charge pump to achieve a smaller PCB area, compared with a dual-inductor boost converter. The display bias driver is used to provide a negative voltage output (VDB_NEG) through the DB_NEGVOUT pin and a positive voltage output (VDB_POS) through the DB_POSVOUT pin. The negative voltage output comes from the boost converter output voltage (VDB_BST) at the DB_BSTVOUT pin, and the positive voltage output is from the DB_POSVOUT voltage passing through an LDO to reduce power noise. The VDB_POS and VDB_NEG voltage ranges can be programmed from 4V to 6V and from -4V to -6V with a resolution of 50mV, respectively. These two output rails, usually connected to a Source Driver IC, can support up to 50mA output current capability to drive up to 10" TFT-LCD panels. The LDO can be used to supply power to an Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) Motor in mobile phones and other hand-held devices. The output voltage is programmable in the range of 1.6V to 4V via the I2C interface. The RGB LED driver is a 4-Channel smart LED string controller to drive 3 channels of LEDs with a sink current of up to 24mA and a CHG_VIN power good indicator with a sink current of up to 6mA. All channels can be set independently via the I2C interface, and are provided with three operation modes: Register Mode, PWM Mode and Breath Mode. The RT5081WSC is available in a WL-CSP-93B 4.22x4.32 (BSC) package.


  • Battery Charger

  • High-Accuracy Voltage/Current Regulation
  • Average Input Current Regulation (AICR) : 0.1A to 3.25A in 50mA steps
  • Charge Current Regulation Accuracy : ±7%
  • Charge Voltage Regulation Accuracy : ±0.5% (0 to 70°C)
  • Battery Temperature Sensing
  • Synchronous 1.5Mz/0.75MHz Fixed-Frequency PWM Controller with up to 95% Duty Cycle
  • Thermal Regulation and Protection
  • Over-Temperature Protection
  • Input Over-Voltage Protection
  • IRQ Output for Communication via I2C
  • Automatic Charging
  • Low VIN and High Current Directing (LVHI) up to 5A
  • BATFET Control to Support Ship Mode, Wake Up, and Full System Reset
  • Resistance Compensation from Charger Output to Cell Terminal
  • USB OTG Output Voltage Range : 4.425V to 5.825V
  • D+/D- Detection for BC1.2
  • Integrated ADCs for System Monitoring (Charger Current, Voltage, and Temperature)
  • JEITA Thermal Comparator Accuracy ± 1%VTS
  • Low Battery Protection from 2.3V to 3.8V for Boost Operation
  • Initial VOREG Set for Relieve Battery Protection
  • External OVP MOSFET Driving for Higher Surge Application, Up to AMR 28V


  • PD-Compatible Dual-Role
  • Attach/Detach Detection as Host, Device or Dual-Role Port
  • Current Capability Definition and Detection
  • Cable Recognition
  • Alternate Mode Supported
  • Supports VCONN with Programmable Over-Current Protection (OCP)
  • Dead Battery Support
  • Ultra-Low Power Mode for Attach Detection (<10μA)
  • BIST Mode Supported
  • USB PD3.0

    Backlight WLED Driver

  • Drives up to 4 Strings of 8 series WLEDs
  • External PWM Pin and I2C-Controlled with Programmable 11 bits of Linear and Exponential Brightness
  • I2C-Programmable Over-Voltage Protection (OVP) Threshold
  • Supports Torch Mode and Strobe Mode for Front Cameras
  • Auto Switch Frequency Mode (500kHz, 1MHz)
  • Four Over-Voltage Protection Thresholds (17V, 21V, 25V, and 29V)
  • Four Over-Current Protection Thresholds (900mA, 1200mA, 1500mA, and 1800mA)
  • Front-Facing Flash with 300% Brightness for Selfshot

    Flash LED Driver

  • Synchronous Boost Dual Flash LED Driver with Dual Independently-Programmable LED Current Sources
  • Torch Mode Current : from 25mA to 400mA in 12.5mA Steps per Channel
  • I2C-Programmable Flash Safety Timer, from 64ms to 2432ms with 32ms/Step
  • Flash LED1/LED2 Short-Circuit Protection, and Output Short-Circuit Protection
  • TXMask Protection with dedicated FL_TXMASK Pin
  • Shared Charger/OTG as Power Stage
  • Independent Torch Bypass MOSFET from VSYS
  • Strobe Mode Current : 50mA to 1.5A in 12.5mA Steps or 25mA to 750mA in 6.25mA Steps per Channel, and Up to 2.5A in Total

    Display Bias Driver

  • I2C-Programmable Output Voltages
  • Flexible Output Voltages (VDB_BST, VDB_POS, VDB_NEG) Setting
  • Boost Converter Output Voltage (VDB_BST) Range : 4V to 6.2V, 50mV/Step
  • Positive Voltage Output (VDB_POS) Range : 4V to 6V, 50mV/Step
  • Negative Voltage Output (VDB_NEG) Range : −4V to −6V, 50mV/Step
  • Selectable Output Mode (Fast Discharge or Float) when Positive/Negative Voltage Output Disabled
  • External Independent Positive/Negative Enable Control
  • True Load Disconnect, Over-Current Protection, and Positive/Negative Short-Circuit Protection Function
  • Output Current : 80mA
  • Power-Saving by Periodic Mode


  • Output Voltage Range : 1.6V to 4V, 200mV/Step
  • Output Current : 400mA
  • High PSRR and Low Dropout LDO

    RGB LED Driver

  • 4-Channel LED Driver
  • Sink Current for 3 RGB LEDs : 24mA/Channel in 4mA Steps
  • PWM Dimming Frequency Range : 0.1Hz to 1kHz
  • RGB_ISINK4 for CHG_VIN Power Good Indicator
  • Support Register Mode, PWM Mode, and Breath Mode


  • Cellular Telephones
  • Personal Information Appliances
  • Tablet PCs
  • Portable Instruments

RT5081WSC Block Diagram
(Picture: Diagram)

Technical Parameters

  • Status
  • Active
  • Vin (min) (V)
  • 4
  • Vin (max) (V)
  • 14
  • Number of Channels
  • 8
  • Number of Buck Converters
  • 0
  • Number of Boost Converters
  • 0
  • Number of Negative Outputs
  • 1
  • Number of LED Drivers
  • 2
  • Number of LDO Regulators
  • 1
  • Features
  • Adjustable Current Limit;Adjustable Frequency;Current Mode Control;Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit;Enable Input;High PSRR;Internal Compensation;Low Dropout;OCP;OVP;Power Good;SCP;UVP
  • Package Type
  • WL-CSP4.22x4.32-93(BSC)

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