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LED driver reduces EMI in low cost lamps

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Diodes Inc
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Lead free / RoHS Compliant

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AL8807 Product Details

The AL8807 is a step-down DC/DC converter designed to drive LEDs with a constant current. The device can drive up to 8 LEDs, depending on the forward voltage of the LEDs, in series from a voltage source of 6V to 30V. Series connection of the LEDs provides identical LED currents resulting in uniform brightness and eliminating the need for ballast resistors. The AL8807 switches at frequency up to 1MHz. This allows the use of small size external components, hence minimizing the PCB area needed. Maximum output current of AL8807 is set via an external resistor connected between the VIN and SET input pins. Dimming is achieved by applying either a DC voltage or a PWM signal at the CTRL input pin. An input voltage of 0.4V or lower at CTRL switches off the output MOSFET simplifying PWM dimming. It is available in SOT25 with green mold compound as standard. MSOP-8EP version will be released in 2011Q4

The i a step-down n DC/DC conv verter designed to drive LEDs wit th a constant current. c The de evice can drive to 8 LEDs, dep pending on the e forward volta age of the LEDs, in series from a voltage v source to 30V. Series connec ction of the LEDs provides iden ntical LED cur rrents resulting g in uniform brightness and eliminating the need for ba allast resistors. The AL8807 switch hes at frequenc to 1MHz with controlled rise and fall times s to reduce EM MI. This allows s the use of small size external co omponents, hen nce minimizing g the PCB area needed. Maximum output current se et via an exte ernal resistor conne ected between n the VIN and d SET input pins. p Dimming is ac chieved by applying either a DC voltage or a PWM signal at t the CTRL inp put pin. An inp put voltage 0 or lower at CTRL switches of ff the output MO OSFET simplif fying PWM dimming g.


LED driving g current to 1A Better than n 5% accuracy High efficie ency 96% % Optimally controlled c switc ching speeds Operating input i voltage fr rom to 30V PWM/DC in nput for dimmin ng control Built-in outp put open-circui it protection SOT25: Av vailable in "Gree en" Molding Co ompound (No Br, B Sb) with lea ad Free Finish/ / RoHS Compli iant (Note MSOP-8EP P Available in "Green" Molding Compound (No Br, Sb) with h lead Free Fin nish/ RoHS Com mpliant (Note 1) 1

M MR16 lamps General illumina ation lamps 2V powered LE ED Lamps 12

1. EU Dire ective 2002/95/EC (RoHS). All applica able RoHS exempt tions applied. Pleas se visit our website e at http://w roducts/lead_free.h html.


Pin Name SW GND Pin Number SOT25 MSOP-8EP Descriptions Switch Pin. Connect inductor/freewheeling diode here, minimizing track length at this pin to reduce EMI. GND Pin Dimming and On/Off Control Input. Leave floating for normal operation. (VCTRL = VREF = 2.5V giving nominal average output current IOUTnom = 0.1/RS) Drive to voltage below 0.4V to turn off output current Drive with DC voltage (0.5V < VCTRL 2.5V) to adjust output current from 100% of IOUTnom A PWM signal (low level 0.4V and high level > 2.6; transition times less than 1us) allows the output current to be adjusted below the level set by the resistor connected to SET input pin. Set Nominal Output Current Pin. Configure the output current of the device. Input Supply Pin. Must be locally decoupled to GND with 2.2�F X7R ceramic capacitor � see applications section for more information. Exposed pad/TAB connect to GND and thermal mass for enhanced thermal impedance no connection

Parameter Human Body Model ESD Protection Machine Model ESD Protection Continuous VIN pin voltage relative to GND SW voltage relative to GND CTRL pin input voltage DC or RMS Switch current Peak Switch current (<10%) Junction Temperature Lead Temperature Soldering Storage Temperature Range

Stresses greater than the 'Absolute Maximum Ratings' specified above, may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only; functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions exceeding those indicated in this specification is not implied. Device reliability may be affected by exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods of time. Semiconductor devices are ESD sensitive and may be damaged by exposure to ESD events. Suitable ESD precautions should be taken when handling and transporting these devices

Symbol VIN VCTRLH VCTRLDC VCTRLL fSW ISW TJ Parameter Operating Input Voltage relative to GND Voltage High for PWM dimming relative to GND Voltage range for 100% DC dimming relative to GND Voltage Low for PWM dimming relative to GND Maximum switching frequency Continuous switch current Junction Temperature Range -40 Min Max Unit MHz A �C


VIN =12V, TA=25oC, unless otherwise specified. Symbol Parameter VINSU VINSH IQ IS VTH Internal regulator start up threshold VIN rising Internal regulator hysteresis threshold Quiescent current Input supply Current Set current Threshold Voltage Set threshold hysteresis SET pin input current CTRL pin input resistance Internal Reference Voltage On Resistance of SW MOSFET SW rise time SW fall time Thermal Resistance Junction-toAmbient (Note 3) Thermal Resistance Junction-toLead (Note 5) ISW = 1A VSENSE = 100�20mV fSW = 250kHz VSW = 15pF VIN =30V SOT25 (Note 4) MSOP-8EP (Note 4) SOT25 (Note VSET = VIN-0.1 Referred to internal reference VIN falling Output not switching (Note 2) CTRL pin floating = 250kHz

2. AL8807 does not have a low power standby mode but current consumption is reduced when output switch is inhibited: VSENSE = 0V. Parameter is tested with VCTRL 2.5V 3. Refer to figure 32 for the device derating curve. 4. Test condition for SOT25: Device mounted on FR-4 PCB 25mm 1oz copper, minimum recommended pad layout on top layer and thermal vias to bottom layer ground plane. For better thermal performance, larger copper pad for heat-sink is needed. 5. Dominant conduction path via Gnd pin (pin 2). 6. Dominant conduction path via exposed pad.

Technical Parameters

Manufacturer DIODES RoHs Status Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Packing Tape & Reel (TR)/Cut Tape (CT)/Tray/Tube Package/Case MSOP8

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