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Standard silicon rectifier diodes,Rectifiers Vr/100V Io/1A T/R

Manufacturer : MIC
Package/Case : DO-41
Product Categories : Rectifiers
Datasheet: 1N4002 Datasheet (PDF)
RoHs Status: Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Life Cycle: Obsoleted
Marking Code: 4002
In-stock: 15000


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1N4002 Product Details

The 1N4002 diode belongs to the 1N400x series and serves as a general-purpose diode. It is an axial lead silicon rectifier housed in a plastic case, making it mountable in various locations. Notably, diodes from this series are highly popular and find utility among a wide range of users, including electronics enthusiasts, engineers, students, and professionals.

This diode boasts several features that render it suitable for diverse electronic applications. These attributes include cost-effectiveness, a 1A forward current rating, a compact form factor, and a power dissipation capacity of 3 Watts, among others. Consequently, it is frequently employed in circuits where currents do not exceed 1A, and its minimal reverse current is a mere 5uA. 

Everything You Need to Know about 1N4002 Diode: This guide provide all details about 1N4002 diode you need to konw.


  • Diode Type: It is a silicon rectifier diode suitable for general-purpose applications in electronic circuits.

  • Rectification: The 1N4002 is specifically designed for rectification, allowing it to convert AC voltage to DC voltage.

  • Maximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage: The diode can handle a maximum repetitive reverse voltage of 100 V, making it suitable for a variety of voltage-related tasks.

  • Reverse Current: It exhibits a low reverse current of 5 µA, ensuring efficient performance.

  • Low Forward Voltage Drop: It has a relatively low forward voltage drop, which minimizes power dissipation and is ideal for applications where efficiency is important.

  • Average Forward Current: The 1N4002 can carry an average forward current of 1 A, suitable for many rectification tasks.

  • Non-repetitive Maximum Forward Current: It can briefly handle higher currents, with a non-repetitive maximum forward current of 30 A, making it robust for surge protection.

  • Maximum Power Dissipation: This diode has a maximum power dissipation rating of 3 W, ensuring it can handle power loads effectively.

  • Moderate Current Handling: The 1N4002 is capable of handling moderate current levels, which makes it suitable for many general-purpose applications.

  • Reverse Voltage Rating: It has a reverse voltage rating, indicating the maximum reverse voltage it can withstand without breaking down.

  • Maximum Storage & Operating Temperature: The 1N4002 diode is capable of operating in a wide temperature range, from -55 to +175 degrees Celsius, suitable for various environmental conditions.

  • Package Type: The 1N4002 diode is available in both DO-41 and SMD packages, offering flexibility in your circuit design.


  • Adapters: The 1N4002 diode is commonly used in adapters to rectify alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), making it a key component in power supply units.

  • Reverse Polarity Issue Solution: It is employed to prevent and solve reverse polarity problems in electronic circuits and devices, ensuring proper voltage orientation.

  • AC to DC Conversion: In applications requiring the conversion of AC to DC, the 1N4002 diode plays a crucial role in rectification.

  • Controllers for Current Flow: It is utilized in controllers to manage the flow of electrical current within circuits and devices.

  • Battery Charger Circuits: In battery charger circuits, the diode ensures the proper charging direction, preventing battery damage.

  • Signal Processing: The diode can be used in signal processing circuits to rectify and control signal voltage.

  • Power Supplies for Electronic Appliances: It is integral to the power supplies of various electronic appliances, ensuring reliable and stable DC power.

  • Power Management: It assists in power management applications, regulating and protecting electronic devices from voltage fluctuations.

  • Component Protection: The diode safeguards other components in a circuit by ensuring correct voltage polarity.

  • Half-Wave and Full-Wave Rectifiers (HWRs & FWRs): The 1N4002 is commonly used in both half-wave and full-wave rectifier circuits.

  • Voltage Blocking: It prevents unwanted reverse voltage from entering sensitive components, offering vital protection.

  • Device Protection: It protects electronic devices by preventing incorrect voltage flow.

  • Prevention of Reverse Polarity: Ensures that devices are not damaged due to reverse polarity issues.

1N4002 Equivalent Diodes

1N4148: The 1N4148 is a small-signal diode with fast switching capabilities. While it may not handle the same voltage and current levels as the 1N4002, it excels in applications requiring rapid signal rectification and switching. Its high switching speed makes it ideal for various signal processing and modulation tasks.

1N4733A: In contrast to the 1N4002, the 1N4733A is a Zener diode designed for voltage regulation. It maintains a consistent output voltage, making it invaluable in voltage reference and regulation circuits. This diode is a key player in applications where voltage stability is paramount.

1N5408: The 1N5408 is a robust rectifier diode capable of handling higher voltage and current levels than the 1N4002. It is suitable for power supply and rectification tasks where high power dissipation and durability are essential. Its use is common in applications demanding heavy-duty performance.

1N5822: The 1N5822, similar to the 1N4002, is also a rectifier diode. However, it boasts a lower voltage drop and is adept at handling higher currents. This characteristic makes it suitable for scenarios requiring high-power rectification while minimizing energy loss due to voltage drop.

Technical Parameters

  • Product
  • Standard Recovery Rectifiers
  • Configuration
  • Single
  • Reverse Voltage
  • 100 V
  • Forward Voltage Drop
  • 1.1 V
  • Forward Continuous Current
  • 1 A
  • Max Surge Current
  • 30 A
  • Reverse Current IR
  • 5 uA
  • Mounting Style
  • Through Hole
  • Package / Case
  • DO-41
  • Packaging
  • Reel
  • Maximum Operating Temperature
  • + 175 C
  • Minimum Operating Temperature
  • - 55 C
  • Power Dissipation
  • 3 W
  • Factory Pack Quantity
  • 5000
  • Part # Aliases
  • 1N4002_NL

1N4002 Equivalent Parts

For the 1N4002 component, you may consider these replacement and alternative parts.

Models Manufacturer Package/Case Description
1N4007 FAIRCHILD/VISHAY/MICRO DO-41/DO-214 Diode Switching Si 1KV 1A 2-Pin DO-41
1N4004 TOSHIBA DO-41 Standard silicon rectifier diodes,Rectifiers Vr/400V Io/1A T/R

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