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Memory Memory technology has no effect on the logical operation of a device. Due to the different processing steps required, some electrical characteristics (EC) may vary between devices with the same feature set/pinout but with different memory technologies. An example is that the VIL (Input Low Voltage) may have some difference between typical EPROM devices. Also, each device has a variety of frequency ranges and packaging options depending on the application and production requirements. When discussing the functionality of the device, the memory technology and the voltage range do not matter. The main programmable memory types are DRAM, EPROM, PROM, EEPROM, ROM and Flash type memory. NAND Flash, eMMC and UFS devices are used where high memory density is needed. Memory ICs are available at Jotrin Electronics. Jotrin is a distributor for many Memory IC manufacturers including Micron, Toshiba, Samsung, SK Hynix, Microchip & many more. You can view related stock,price,package,datasheet about Specific Memory ICs models. you can buy Memory ICs by the products list below.
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