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Cypress Semiconductor Established in 1982, Cypress is headquartered in San Jose, CA. The San Jose campus is home to the executive management team. Three product lines including the memory and imaging division, data communications division, and consumer and computation division, research and development, sales, marketing and general administrative departments. Furthermore, it has received some industry standards including JEDEC, IEEE, OIF, NPF and INCITS. The company has products which include clocks and buffers, interface, touch sensing, programmable system-on-chip and USB controllers. Besides, the applications library's goal is to help customers solve their designs problems--providing solution focused content for specific functions and applications. Included are technical documents, software and/or firmware, user module components, and complete designs including documentation, software/firmware, schematics and layout files. These elements are provided to help designers speed standard designs to completion and to introduce new and unique ways to approach complex design requirements.
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