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1.How to earn points?

Behavior Integral rules Description
Buy Product Commodity turnover * 10 % Submit the inquiry for the first time after registration
Initial Inquiry 100 points Submit the inquiry for the first time after registration
First Purchase 100 points First purchase after registration and confirmation of receipt
New User Registration 100 points Register as a joint member
E-mail Verification 50 points Verify by email
Improve Details 50 points Improve all information in the member account
Check In Points 50 points Participating members sign in every day, once a day
Invite friends to register 50 points Invite friends to register as a joint member

2. Gift issuance instructions

The physical gift will be delivered within 10 working days after the order is submitted. If it is a holiday, please wait. Please be patient.

Non-physical gifts will be sent to the user account within 1 business day.

3. Return policy

Once the order is generated, if there is no gift quality problem, the return will not be processed.

Replacement due to quality problems, only to replace the same style, the same model, the same color gift.

more than 7 days after receipt, the return is not supported. Points are deducted after the order is generated, and in theory, returns are not supported.

4. Note

Any accounts created from the same IP address, or any link that connects the two accounts together will be regarded as the same account.

Jotrin Electronic Network reserves the right of final interpretation.