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Yokogawa Corporation of America
  • Yokogawa

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Manufacturer Introduction

Yokogawa Electric Corporation is dedicated to developing the most advanced control and instrumentation products, (and systems), in the world. 

Yokogawa Corporation of America

With their establishment in the United States in 1957, Yokogawa Corporation of America has become a leading manufacturer and supplier for the North American market in the fields of automation, measurement, and control. As a major industrial automation and test and measurement company, Yokogawa anticipates the needs of the times, continually tackling new challenges and exploring new markets in order to provide the customer-centric solutions.

Yokogawa Products :Coriolis Mass, Vortex and Magnetic Flow Meters; EJA/EJX Flow, Pressure, Level and Temperature Transmitters; DAQStation Video Recorders and Data Acquisition; EXA O2, pH, ORP and Conductivity Analyzers; GC8000 Gas Chromatograph; Gas Density; TruePeak TDLS; UT/UP Single Loop Controllers, Digital Indicators and Signal Conditioning; Centum VP Production Control System; Portable Test Equipmen.



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