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Westcode semiconductors (IXYS)
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Manufacturer Introduction

Westcode Semiconductor is a global manufacturer of high-performance power semiconductor products. The company is based in Chippenham, England, with a long history of producing semiconductor devices. It began producing copper oxide rectifiers in the 1920s and the first generation of silicon power devices in 1957. The company currently has the world's most advanced equipment for the production of silicon power devices, using solid-state diffusion technology to produce a range of silicon power devices, including thyristors, diodes, power transistors, GTOs and corresponding heat sinks. Products are used in AC / DC drive, rectifier power, UPS, welding equipment, induction heating, and railway traction. Electric locomotive equipment in many countries around the world uses the company's power devices.

Since the early part of the 20th Century, the Company has been at the forefront of power semiconductor design. In the early 1920s, the Company introduced the world's first commercial rectifier and have continued to push ahead bringing ever more advanced power management solutions to market. In almost every corner of the globe, IXYS UK products are hard at work keeping industry moving forward.

Supporting a truly worldwide and incredibly diverse market place, IXYS UK Westcode Ltd has evolved into one of the worlds leading manufacturers of very high power semiconductors.

IXYS Is Now Part of Littelfuse. IXYS and Littelfuse will leverage their combined technology portfolios and expertise to enhance customer value.

Westcode is product portfolio consists of Thyristor, IGBT, diode.


AC / DC drive, rectifier power, UPS, welding equipment



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