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Nanjing QinHeng Electronics CO.,Ltd [ WCH ]

About QinHeng Electronics CO.,Ltd

QinHeng Electronics CO., Ltd is an integrated circuit design company established in 2008 and located in Nanjing, Jiangsu.

Since the establishment of the company, they have always been technology-oriented, focusing on the research and innovation of chip design and application technology in connection and control in the field of Internet of Things. They are committed to providing customers with all-in-one interconnected chips and solutions.

Technology and products of QinHeng Electronics CO.,Ltd

The company's main products include: wired network, wireless network, USB and PCI interface chips and microcontrollers that integrate the above interfaces.

Technically involved: analog detection (ADC), intelligent control (MCU), human-computer interaction (HID/LED/LCD/TouchKey), network communication (Ethernet/BLE/Zigbee), interface communication (USB/PCI/PCIE), data Security (U disk / SATA disk encryption, single-channel, isolation), IoT protocol (embedded protocol stack, cloud service), providing "sense + control + connection + cloud convergence" solution.

Product positioning: professional, easy to use.

Application areas: industrial control, Internet of Things, information security, computer/mobile phone peripherals, etc.

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