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Manufacturer Introduction

Incorporated in 1992, Walsin Technology Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of passive components with a one-stop-shop product portfolio and worldwide delivery platform. The company’s product lineup includes multiple-layer ceramic chip (MLCC) capacitor/array, chip-resistor/array & networks, inductors, RF filters, disc capacitor, varistor, chip fuse, and antenna, etc.


In less than ten years, Walsin Technology grew rapidly into a publicly traded company in Taiwan and ranked as a top tier supplier for passive components. Its dedication in R&D and strategic alliances with business partners contribute to this remarkable achievement.

Recognizing the importance of technical capability, Walsin Technology is committed strongly to R&D. The company has been spending approximately 3% of its sales in R&D since 2001. To ensure its product specs are in line with customers’ expectations, Walsin Technology constantly benchmarks its product development roadmap against the industry and focuses on developing miniaturized, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, protective, and specialty components.

Walsin Technology has been continuously growing its business through alliances. Synergy with powder maker PDC, with specialty product producer Kamaya, and with regional distributors such as Arrow and Future enables Walsin Technology to extend its product offerings and services.

Ten production centers strategically located in Asia, Walsin Technology manufactures high-quality products and delivers to customers via its distribution network established worldwide. Walsin’s superior product quality and top-notch services have earned Walsin Technology world-renowned brand names to manufacture for their needs.

From smartphones, networking devices, data centers, PCs, LED light bulbs, white goods, industrial equipment to automotive parts, Walsin Technology’s products can be found virtually in all electronic devices around you.

walsin is product portfolio consists of Multilayer ceramic capacitors, resistors, RF components, ceramic capacitors, zinc oxide varistor, inductors, fuses, etc..


Consumer Electronics / Portable Devices / Communications / Network / Transportation / Automotive / Industrial / Automation


  • Walsin Technology Corporation

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