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Taiwan Semiconductor Company, Ltd
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  • Full Name : Taiwan Semiconductor Company, Ltd Manufacturer
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Manufacturer Introduction

Taiwan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Founded in January 1979. The headquarter is located in TuChen, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan. They are engaging in manufacturing rectifiers, analog ICs and MOSFETs, an essential component operating within home electrical appliances, communication & information products, equipment instruments, automobiles. They are famous for its excellence in products quality. TSC has established factories in I-Lan, Yangxin and Tianjin. Their product line includes Zener rectifier, standard rectifier, fast rectifier, schottky rectifier, superfast rectifier, high efficient rectifier, bidirectional rectifier, switching diode, zener, sky, transistor, DIAC, STD GPP, ESD protection, Diodes, standard bridge, high efficient bridge, superfast bridge, bidirectional TV, unidirectional TV, MOSFET, amplifier and comparator, low dropout voltage regulator, voltage reference ,switching voltage regulator, ultra low dropout voltage regulator, positive linear voltage regulator, negative linear voltage regulator, CMOS low dropout voltage regulator. They devote themselves to improve the quality of life for humanity. They wish to become the world class total solution power semiconductor provider. The mission of the TSC is establish the world class integration services and sustain eternal and consecutive grown. They have the total quality management to meet the customer needs.

TSC is product portfolio consists of Separate components, power management IC.


  • TSC2000 pdf of TSC

    Size: 496 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-10

    The TSC2000 is a complete PDA analog interface circuit. It contai a complete 12-bit, Analog-to-Digital (A/D) resistive touch screen converter including drive, the control to measure touc...



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