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Tocos America, Inc
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Manufacturer Introduction

ncorporated in the state of Illinois in October 1984. They are wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo Cosmos Electric Company, LTD., a worldwide supplier of electronic components specializing in quality potentiometer products. Their parent company was listed on the Tokyo stock exchange in 1957. TOCOS has kept pace with demands of electronic technology for more than 40 plus years, supplying superior quality components at competitive prices around the world. Their wide range of products represent the cutting edge of the electronics industry in major areas such as telecommunications, instrumentation, automotive technology, computer peripherals, consumer products, and the military.

ISO Certification

TOCOS products are manufactured by Their parent company Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co. in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facilities.
Design and Manufacturing
The in-house design and manufacturing of automatic assembly machines and automatic testing and inspection equipment guarantees efficient, quality component production.
Research and Development
The continuing technological demand for products with higher accuracy, longer life, and better reliability has led us to utilize the ingenuity of all Their employees through an innovative "think and create" philosophy, encouraging company wide contributions to product research and development.
Quality Control
Their "total quality control environment" is supported by a start to finish inspection program that begins with the sales person who takes your order and ends with the supplier who must be certified to guarantee just-in-time delivery. Every work station is an inspection point in the manufacturing process and the finished products are always inspected for electrical and mechanical properties as well as environmental reliability.
TOCOS examines the performance of its products long after their sale, through the widely used FIT, or failure rate in the field methodology. Electronics technology has been one of the most exciting and innovative process of the century. They at TOCOS are committed to the bright future of technological progress, now and in the 21st century.