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SUSUMU International U.S.A Inc
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Manufacturer Introduction

Susumu has been the world leader for thin film components for half century, serving telecommunication & networking, computers & storage devices, power supply equipment, test & measuring equipment, medical equipment, as well as automotive and consumer electronics. Susumu's RG series thin film resistors are known to be the most reliable, accurate and precise thin film resistors in the industry. Susumu's products are all RoHS compliant and Susumu is accredited for ISO9000, 14000 and TS16949.

Susumu provide most Chip resistors, chip networks, precision resistor networks, chip inductors, delay lines, power chokes, and current sensors are available. SUSUMU thin film technology supports the development of electronics and everyone's daily life.

Since 1964 when Susumu established their business, and have always pursued originality in R&D and their electronic components.
Their corporate culture of "no compromise" against the toughest challenges, their confidence built through continuous basic research, and their extensive experience in cultivating thin film expertise all make it possible for them to create truly original electronic components.

Thin-film is a leading-edge technology to lead the electric industry to a new era, is also a perfect product in terms of environmental protection.
Currently, they have sales offices in Japan, the United States, China, Germany, Singapore, building a distributor network around the world, and production bases are located in Japan and China.
Please expect a new future which will be created by thin-film technology. This is why they have earned a superior reputation of trustworthiness in our products.

Susumu is product portfolio consists of Clock IC, RF IC, Inductor, Resistor, etc..


Consumer Electronics / Medical Electronics / Communication / Network / Transportation / Automotive




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