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  • Full Name : Souriau Manufacturer
  • Site : www.souriau.com
  • Country : Unknown

Manufacturer Introduction

SOURIAU designs, manufactures and markets high performance - high reliability interconnect solutions for harsh environments dedicated to the Aerospace, Defense / Space, Heavy Industry (Railway & Mass Transit, Nuclear, Oil & Gas) and Industrial Equipment markets. SOURIAU has a worldwide presence with R & D centers and production sites in Europe, USA, Japan and India. The Company is deeply involved in the environmental protection with RoHS products.

SOURIAU-SUNBANK is a global leader in connection technologies that started more than 100 years ago. The group specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing interconnect solutions for harsh environments (aeronautics, space, defence, transport, energy, industrial equipment, healthcare devices, and lighting).

souriau is product portfolio consists of Connectors, circuit protection devices, etc..


Medical Electronics / Instrumentation / Transportation / Automotive / Industrial / Automation / Energy / Survey / Ship / Aerospace


  • Size: 6510 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-25
    SOURIAU is focused on the supply of connection technologies for severe environment. Our Compagny has a presence in the world’s major aerospace/defee programs and is strongly positioned in the railways, geophysical, robotics and itrumentation markets. The Compagny has been created by the successive acquisistio of the industrial, aeronautics, defee and space activities of SOURIAU, JUPITER and BURNDY.