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Manufacturer Introduction

SiTime Corporation develops MEMS-based silicon timing solutions. SiTime addresses the timing market with leadership products that are the smallest, thinnest, most robust, reliable, configurable, and offer the shortest lead times. The company's programmable oscillators are the heartbeat of cutting-edge electronic products, such as fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) equipment, computing devices, graphics cards, disk drives, mobile phones, and high capacity SIM cards.

SiTime Corporation is an analog semiconductor company focused on changing the $5 billion timing market with silicon MEMS timing solutions that can replace traditional quartz products. With an 80% market share and shipments of more than 200 million devices, SiTime is driving the adoption of silicon-based timing technology in the electronics industry.

SiTime MEMS' configurable solutions help customers improve product performance, reduce product size, increase product reliability, and stand out from the competition. SiTime MEMS Timing Solutions' rich companion features and flexible customization ensure that customers can optimize their material supply chain while reducing cost of ownership and accelerating time to market. SiTime products use the standard semiconductor manufacturing process and high-volume plastic packaging technology to provide the industry's strongest supply and shortest lead times.

SiTime's products include high-performance differential oscillators, spread-spectrum oscillators, voltage-controlled oscillators, and multiple sets of output clock generators for high-performance electronic systems such as fault-tolerant cloud storage, enterprise servers, and 10 megabit Ethernet switches. And large-capacity consumer electronics such as digital cameras, LCD high-definition TVs, and multi-function printers.

SiTime is product portfolio consists of Oscillator, clock pulse generator.


Consumer Electronics / Communication / Network / Industrial / Automation


  • Automotive MEMS Timing Solutions

    Size: 394 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-13

    Best Dynamic Performance: MEMS automotive solutio are engineered to guarantee the best frequency stability, Allan deviation, jitter, and phase noise under environmental stresso such as r...

  • TCXO Frequency Stability and Frequency Accuracy Budget

    Size: 104 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-13

    Temperature compeated oscillato (TCXOs) are used for frequency reference in systems that typically require frequency stability of 5 ppm or better. The frequency accuracy in these systems...



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