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Silicon Laboratories Inc

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Manufacturer Introduction

Silicon Laboratories Inc. was founded in 1996 on the principles of constant innovation and solid execution, is a leading global manufacturer of integrated-circuit (IC) products that combine world-class analog with high-speed digital and FLASH memory in a single, powerful chip. The combination of mixed-signal integration and in-system programmability offers tangible user benefits through higher component integration, greater design flexibility, faster time-to-market, superior system performance, and improved end-product differentiation.

Silicon Laboratories based in Austin, Texas, designs and develops analog-intensive, mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) for a broad range of applications. Silicon Laboratories' diverse portfolio of highly-integrated, patented solutions are developed by a world-class engineering team with unsurpassed expertise in mixed-signal technology.

Silicon Laboratories' strong business fundamentals and proven track record have resulted in sustained growth throughout the company's history. Silicon Laboratories consistently introduces best-in-class products implemented in CMOS that dramatically improve the customer value proposition. These products vastly simplify the custom design process and speed time to market by leveraging cutting edge architectures and CMOS process technology to dramatically decrease the size, power, and a number of components.

Silicon Laboratories' diverse portfolio of both application-specific and general-purpose products serves a broad set of markets and applications. Silicon Laboratories' product portfolio includes high-performance, mixed-signal microcontrollers, digital power controllers, AeroFONE? Single-Chip Phone, Aero® GSM/GPRS/EDGE transceivers, GSM/GPRS power amplifiers, SiRX? Satellite Set-Top Box Receivers, FM radio tuners, satellite radio tuners, RF synthesizers, silicon direct access arrangements (DAAs), ISOmodem® embedded modems, ProSLIC® subscriber line interface circuits, DSL analog front end ICs, voice codecs, VCXOs and XOs, SiPHY® transceivers, clock and data recovery ICs and precision clock ICs. Silicon Laboratories' solutions are designed into consumer, industrial, automotive and communications products worldwide including wireless handsets, digital video recorders, and central office equipment.

Silicon Laboratories is a fabless semiconductor company, enabling it to take advantage of widely available process technology that allows for reliable, mass production of the company's products at the world's most prominent semiconductor foundries.

SILICON LABS is product portfolio consists of Optoelectronics: Displays, drivers, optical detectors and sensors.


Consumer Electronics / Lighting Electronics / Industrial / Automation


  • RoHS certificate

    Size: 440 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-10

    We guarantee that all integrated circuits (IC) praduced by Energy Micro comply with the European Parliament Directive 2002/95/EC of 27 January 2003 about Restriction of Hazardous Substances ...

  • Timing solution

    Size: 1953 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-10

    Silicon Labs offe the industry’s broadest portfolio of crystal oscillator, clock generator and clock buffer products and PCI Express (PCIe) clock generato and PCI Express buffe. ...

  • Energy-friendly microcontrollers for the IoT

    Size: 1953 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-10

    Gecko MCUs were designed for innovation. The diagram below shows an overview of the wide range of functionality available in the these MCUs. The color coding represents the lowest energy mod...



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