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Renata Batteries US
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Manufacturer Introduction

Renata SA, a subsidiary of Swatch Group Ltd in Biel, was founded in 1952 as a manufacturer of components for mechanical watches. 

Within only a few years, the company became a leading manufacturer and supplier of coin cells for watches and many electronic product areas


1974 First production of coin cells
1982 Renata becomes part of Swatch Group Ltd
1983   First production of 3V lithium coin cells
1999 ISO 9001 Certified
2005 First production of HT batteries
2010 Launch of product line mercury
2011 ISO 14001 Certified
2012   Launch of MP packaging
2015 Launch of SC packaging
2016 Launch of CU-MF packaging; Launch of Thinfilm cells Launch of Secondary Li coin cells
2017 Launch of CU3-MF packaging ;Launch of CU4-MF packaging Relaunch of SP-MF packaging


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